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The Top 5 Ways to Select a Dissertation Topic

by callumbryne

Suppose you ever think that choosing a dissertation topic is something you are alone surviving through. In that case, you might be wrong because many people are struggling to look for a perfect dissertation topic which is a difficult task indeed. However, writing a dissertation topic and choosing one is the same in every case, even if you are looking for dissertation topics in marketing. Here, we understand that many people would be new to writing a dissertation and does not have the precise meaning of a dissertation in their mind.

Dissertation and its topic

A dissertation is a name of an academic document that is a sum of thorough research and immense efforts to collect suitable information and streamline it in your own words. A dissertation is a lengthy document consisting of many different parts. Each part requires equal attention and effort to work on. First, let’s talk about the part of topic selection. It is the most crucial part of a dissertation that requires more attention and effort than the other parts. (TDH. 2019). The topic is the center point on which all your research needs to be made. It is the one that will be responsible for the uniqueness of the dissertation that will bring back grade credits for your academic performance.

With carrying such importance, it is pretty evident that a person should work out a few ways to figure out a perfect topic for the dissertation.

  1. Go for something unique.

When selecting a topic for the dissertation, try to make it unique. The uniqueness of the topic will attract the readers to your dissertation. (Biggam, J. 2018).  However, it is mainly seen that students become lazy about writing lengthy dissertations. Instead, they copy the entire idea and even the topic by paraphrasing it in their own words. Whereas, in other cases, this is seen that students consider writing the dissertation on a common topic so that it will become easy for them to keep on adding the words to their dissertation to reach the word limit of the dissertation.

This is an entirely wrong strategy that students follow to select a topic for their dissertation. On the contrary, it adds value to your dissertation if you select a topic that will make you carry the research on your own and draw a conclusion with your own efforts. Finding a completely different idea or composing a different idea from scratch is seldom possible. Hence, the more brilliant tip of doing it is to use the already existing idea from a different angle. This strategy will also work in the same way to add uniqueness to the topic.

  1. Choose a topic of your interest.

When you are interested in a particular field, you are only creative enough in sketching out your ideas and planning out the work efficiently. Considering this fact, it is recommended that a person writing a dissertation should work on the same idea. Choose a topic of your interest. You will see the productivity coming out of you, and you will experience that creativeness in your content.

Whereas, if you choose a topic just for the sake of uniqueness, but the topic is not of your interest. It might take you longer than the deadline to complete the dissertation. Also, you will experience many writer’s block abruptions in between that will push down your level of motivation towards writing and completing the dissertation. So what is the use of such activities that could harm or affect the academic writing project? Look for your interest and select a topic according to it.

  1. Review the already existing dissertation in your university

“We learn from others’ experiences” this statement works in every situation. It is likely to happen that when you sit down to work on your dissertation and plan a topic for it, you might feel baffled about it. This is when the dissertation that is already existing will give you an idea of where to start from and what to write your dissertation on.

Whereas, if you choose to review the dissertation from your university and the same field as yours, it will add a plus point for your dissertation. Reviewing the dissertation from your university will also lower the risk of crossing and skipping out the university’s basic requirements. It will give you an idea of how to write the topic of your dissertation by remaining in the parameter set by the university.

  1. Make a list of all that you have in mind and narrow it down to it

It is understood that being a creative individual might overload tons of ideas in your mind. Even if you are not a creative person, you might end up with multiple ideas after long, thorough research. In this case, you are supposed to streamline all the ideas popping up in your mind.

After streamlining them, narrow down to a few, but again you can’t write a dissertation on every best topic that you find. You are supposed to select a single topic for the dissertation project. So to do that, you need to narrow down again to a single topic by being optimistic and thinking out the productivity that a topic will bring in you. So choose the best of best from the finalized list.

  1. Discuss your idea with your supervisor

After selecting a single topic that you think is perfect for your dissertation, you should never be in a rush of started working on it without approval. When you write down the dissertation, you are giving in your great efforts; your efforts will be of no use if your topic won’t get approval from the supervisor. So to be on the safe side, you should first get your topic approved by your supervisor so then you can freely concentrate on the writing procedure.



These ways will work for you even when you are looking for accounting dissertation topics. So be adaptive to these ways because they can be a life savior in succeeding your dissertation with a perfectly written topic. Remember! The topic is the first thing that your reader will read and decide on whether to continue reading or not.

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