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The Best And Must-Visit Vacation Spots In Florida

by bryancranston700
The Best And Must-Visit Vacation Spots In Florida

Sunshines all through the year and long stretched beaches are something that hit your mind when it comes to Florida. Florida is a destination that millions of people choose for their vacations every year. It justifies all the talks and the praises you all hear about them. If you are amongst them, you can go through the list of The Best And Must-Visit Vacation Spots In Florida. However, it is quite tough to choose and exact out only a few places to visit in Florida. The reason is just that Florida is just embedded with a lot of visiting destinations.

Before heading towards the list of places in Florida, you must know how to get there. So, if you have decided to go to Florida, you can make an Allegiant Airlines booking. The airline is one of the most cost-effective airlines with which you can fly to Florida.

Let’s begin to explore the different destinations in Florida.

Starting with the south of Florida, Miami is one of the most hyped places in Florida. But you cannot say that it is overrated. It justifies all its talks and praises. What you enjoy here the most is that you get to experience both the old and the new Florida at this destination. A visitor can go to several beaches. Some of the most famous beached are the Miani and the South Beach.

Once your body is exhausted enjoying the beach and in the sun, you must look for refreshing drinks or snacks. You get all these facilities on the beaches

  • Orlando : Florida

Second, Orlando is at the heart of Florida. Also, it is considered one of the hearts of tourist destinations in Florida. This city is full of thee parks. Some of them include Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and Sea World. With time, these theme parks have resulted in several other parks such as Volcano Bay, Typhoon Lagoon, and the Discovery Cone.

Many people from in and out of Orlando love to spend their vacations exploring these theme parks. Also, when you are in Orlando, try not to miss these destinations that are very near to Orlando. You just need to take out a day’s time, and you will be able to explore these vacations spots quite smoothly. Some of such destinations are Kennedy Space Center and the Crystal River.

  • Naples : Florida

When you turn towards the Gulf Coast of Florida, you will see e beauty of Naples. The city is an amalgamation of luxury and rustic. If you are someone who loves to spend the vacation in a very luxurious manner, you can visit here to enjoy the facilities of luxurious hotels and elegant houses.

Moreover, no matter where you go in Florida, beaches are not going to leave you behind. They follow you all through the country. Therefore, in Naples also you get the beaches.  But there is a specialty of the beaches here, and the beaches are relatively calm and composed. The sands lying are white and shiny.

Some other destinations around Florida are Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and the Fakahatchee Strand State Park.

  • Tampa : Florida

This destination is popular among the tourist of Florida mainly due to the wildlife attractions. This city stands at the coast of Florida’s west. You are going to love this place. And, especially if you are an animal lover, you are never going to forget this place ever in life. Some of the main attractions of the city are the Tampa Zoo and the Tampa Aquarium.

Especially, if you are a family with new and growing children, these are the must-come destinations for you. Your children will love the Glazer Children’s Museum, and the museum of science and industry. And if anyone of you is interested in a historic city, you must go to  Tampa’s Ybor City.

  • St. Petersburg : Florida

St. Petersburg is the neighborhood of Tampa. Some of the main highlights of Tampa are St. Petersburg Pier, John Pass restaurants, the Pass-a-Grille, and the soft sand of Indian Rocks Beach. If you want to meet the cultural spots of the city, you must go to the destinations such as the theatres and the art museums. Some of them include Morean Art Center and Dali Museum.

Also, don’t forget to go on a cruise ride. Above all nature lovers must pay a visit to Caladesi Island State Park. The best part of this place is that it has not been touched with the Caladesi Island. And the island holds long beaches and nature trails.

  • Sanibel Island

If your pocket allows then this is the best place to enjoy luxury and all the facilities of luxurious resorts, you can come here. This island is full of expensive resorts. Most celebrities and couples love to spend their quality time here in Sanibel Island for their vacation.

  • St. Augustine : Florida

Do you know which is the oldest city in the USA? Well. it is none other than, St. Augustine. When you visit this city, you get to see all the attractions that purs out the culture of it. Also, you get familiar with the colonial life that the city at a point in time has gone through. The buildings and the exclusive architectural monuments display the history of the place. One of the major historical highlights of the place is the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum, Castillo de San Marcos, and the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.

  • Pensacola

Another one, Pensacola is the city that you will find on Florida’s largest coast. “Miracle Strip”. The city dates back to four ceturies from today. The city is the witness to the Spanish, British, and  French, colonial periods.

The main highlights of this city are the area located around the city that includes the U.S. Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola Beach, and Pensacola Beach. The city holds a number of activities, a lot of art companies and many museums.

  • West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is located on Lake Worth and is inland from Palm Beach. This destination features a number of noteworthy museums. Moreover, it has a variety of contemporary and fine dining restaurants. As the city’s name implies, the city is known for its incredible kilometers of soft and sandy beaches. Millions of visitors come to soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean.

There are numerous other attractions in West Palm Beach, many of which are family-friendly animal encounters. The other is the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. The world knows this place for its many displays and underwater residents, and the Manatee Lagoon allows visitors to get up and personal with these gentle giants for free.

  • Daytona : Florida

Daytona’s biggest claim to fame is the Daytona 500 Nascar race. This event takes place every February, but the beaches are popular all year. Daytona Beach is long regarded as a spring break hotspot. It has evolved into a family-friendly destination that also draws retirees.

The beaches of Daytona Beach stretch for 23 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover,  it is an activity-packed boardwalk. Some include amusement rides, games, restaurants, special events, and a lengthy pier.

Finally, we have come to the end of the list talking about the best places to visit in Florida. We hope the list helps you in planning your vacation  this place very smoothly. Again, when you think of flying to Florida with utmost comfort and care, you must make an Allegiant Airlines booking. The airline flies to several cities in Florida. What you can do is you can book your flight ticket to one of the destinations and then fly to another one.

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