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TEC Certificate | TEC Registration | Types, Schemes, and Process

TEC Certificate | TEC Registration

by Srishti

TEC Certificate – A Certificate For Telecommunication Equipment

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Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) is the authority that issues the TEC certificate for telecommunication equipment. This body comes under the Telecom Commission and Nodal Agencies, viz the Department of Telecommunication, the Ministry of Communications, and Information Technology who holds the authority to generate standards, requirements along with specifications of the telecom products, networks, and services.

Since 1991, the TEC certificate/ TEC Certification has been a voluntary process. Though, in conformity with the No. 10-1/2017-IT/TEC/ER that commenced in 2019 has rolled out the Mandatory Testing Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) statute incrementally.

Why is a TEC certificate essential?

The TEC certificate is important to ensure the safety of the end-to-end users. Also, it subdues the radio frequency emissions of the equipment to ensure the well-being of the users and the general public.

The importance of the TEC certificate is not limited to the safety of the user or general public. But it also averts telecom equipment from degrading the performance of the other equipment. As demonstrated, the TEC certificate ensures that telecom products are complying with the conformant national and international standards and provisions.

Types of TEC Approvals

1. TEC Type Approval

TEC type approval is issued against the Generic Requirement (GR) standard, these standards are organized by functional equipment type. Moreover, TEC Type Approval requires telecom testing in-country, along with this, it may also require EMC and environmental testing.

2. TEC Interface Approval

TEC Interface Approval is issued on the basis of Interface Requirements (IR) standards that are made by functional equipment types as well as typically define network interfaces.

3. BSNL TSEC (Technical Specification Evaluation Certification)

Obtaining a BSNL TSEC certificate is a protracted and onerous process because it includes activities such as laboratory testing of the equipment functions, environmental testing, and infrastructure assessment to procure the BSNL TSEC approval.

Additionally, the TEC Process process of obtaining the BSNL TSEC approval is not restricted to complying with the procedure only. But it might also include some additional requirements.

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