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Romantic Things To Do In Switzerland

by eddyray0403
Everyone thinks Switzerland is all about it’s cheese, wines and trains only, sorry to tell you but you are wrong because there is one more thing that makes Switzerland fascinating and that is Love. Or as the saying goes Love is in the air when you are in Switzerland. It is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a place to celebrate love or looking for that romance in your life. There are a lot of things that you can do with your partner in Switzerland to make your trip more romantic. So, let me get you through all the ideal date ideas for your next love adventure. And don’t forget to check Switzerland honeymoon packages for more information when you are to begin your Swiss romance.

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Romantic Things to do in Switzerland:

  1. Stay in a Whitepod
  2. Lock your Love at the Mühlesteg Bridge
  3. Paragliding
  4. Enjoy Nights with Live Music
  5. The Glacier Express
  6. Thermal spa Date

Stay in a Whitepod

Surely there are many hotels in Switzerland that are extremely beautiful and romantic for you to stay there. But if you are going all the way to Switzerland then why not try something different and I think whitepod will be the perfect place to get cozy with you one. If you don’t know what a whitepod is then let me tell you a whitepod has a dome shaped frame. It is like a tiny cosy room with all the minimal necessities. The best thing is it is present in the mountains and there are a lot of activities there that you can definitely try in the morning and when the sunsets you can enjoy cuddling with your partner and all the view is just perfect with all the mountains and the trees.

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Lock your Love at the Mühlesteg Bridge 

The Mühlesteg Bridge  is a must visit place for lovers as it is the most romantic place in Zurich. It is pretty famous as a place for couples. People go with their partners and write their names on the symbolic padlock and lock it at the edge of the bridge with the wish for a love that will last till the end of eternity. Love is an adorable thing but love that lasts an eternity is divine. So don’t forget to visit Mühlesteg Bridge with your partner and tell them that you plan on loving them till the end of eternity. And if you are there to find your one don’t worry you can always wish for self love because loving yourself is as important as loving others.

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If you are that adventurous couple then don’t worry I got you covered. Paragliding over the majestic peaks of Switzerland will be the one thing you need to do to give a perfect touch of adventure to your romantic getaway. You can experience paragliding in Lucerne and admire the beauty of the city while gliding through the air. Paragliding is all you need for that needed rush of adrenaline. This adventure sport will definitely make your trip memorable. You will get that unforgettable thrill you need from your trip.

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Enjoy Nights with Live Music

If you and your partner both love music then this is a perfect way to spend your night in Switzerland. In summer time every year around the month of July The Montreux Jazz Festival is held along the shoreline of the waters of Lake Geneva. You can make yourself comfortable on the ground around the lake and listen to live jazz music throughout the night. The captivating view of Lake Geneva and the music under the night clouds will be the most soothing and romantic experience for you and your partner during the whole trip.

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The Glacier Express

If it’s your first time in Switzerland then you and your partner should definitely board the ever romantic Glacier Express. It is famously known as “The World’s Slowest Train” as it takes about 8 hours to cover the whole ride but every minute of those eight hours is worth it. The train will take you through the most scenic places in Switzerland. Of Course you don’t have to sit for the whole eight hours. You can always stop at a place you wanna explore more of or can stay overnight or a short romantic walk in between the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.

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Thermal spa Date

Natural Thermal spas are super popular in Switzerland. The mineral hot springs in the Alps make thermal spas a great way for any couple to stop and relax in hot water and also soak up the enchanting Alpine views. And if you want to go to a less crowded place you can always head up to the mountains outside Lucerne. Since there are no children allowed, it cuts out the crowd and provides couples with peace and quiet so that they can enjoy the extraordinary views of the mountains surrounding them.

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  So, grab your passports because the best thing you can give your partner is a lifetime of adventures.   HAVE A JOURNEY FULL OF LOVE!

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