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Retro Football Shirt Collection: 6 Tips To Keep Them Safe

by Aliana Baraquio

Have you recently started collecting retro football shirts? You may already have some ideas in terms of the dos and don’ts in taking care of them, but you should also know how to store them.

As collectible items, you would want to preserve your retro football shirts for as long as possible. As these shirts mean so much to you, it would be a disaster if anything happened to them when you carelessly store them.

It’s not advisable to store them directly after you received them. Furthermore, there are also different storing techniques that you may want to consider so that the money you spent will be worth it.


So if you want to know more about the best ways to store your retro football shirt collection, then you should check the list below!

1. Wash before storing

As mentioned before, storing retro football shirts right after you received them may bring you some problems. Honestly, you don’t even know where did the shirts go through before they reached your hands. Who knows, they might contain dust or oils that would ruin the shirts in the long run.

That’s why it’s advisable to wash them first before storing them. During the washing process, you should also treat them differently unlike your regular clothes. If you’re having doubts about your machine, then it’s better to hand wash them.

On the other hand, a machine wash is also an option. However, you should strictly follow the direction written on its tag. If the tag is no longer readable or it was removed, you must first turn the shirts inside out, then wash them in low-temperature water. Additionally, you should use a colour-safe detergent, and let them air dry.

2. Avoid ironing before storing

Are you used to ironing your shirts before keeping them in your closet? Although it’s good for your regular shirts, retro football shirts might get damaged when exposed to heat. Not to mention that damages done by heating retro football shirts are beyond repair.

Instead, if you want to remove wrinkles on your shirts, you can carefully steam them. When steaming the shirts, you can also turn them inside out so that the prints won’t be heated.

Most retro football shirts are made of polyester so the wrinkles may not be as stubborn as you think.


3. You can hang them

Have you seen the Classic Football Shirts Museum? If you did, you may have noticed that most of the shirts featured in the exhibit are hung, while some are worn by mannequins. Aside from showing their features, it’ll also prevent people from touching them often.

When it comes to the storage, it might depend on the specific retro football shirt. If you decided to hang them, don’t use the wire hangers since they can stretch the fabric too much, or even leave some unwanted marks.

Meanwhile, thick hangers are recommended for these kinds of shirts. Furthermore, you should also consider placing them inside dust bags but don’t buy the cheaper ones because they might leave other toxic chemicals on your shirts.

4. You can also fold them

Another option you can do with your retro football shirt collection is to fold them. You can put them inside zip lock bags or vacuum-sealed bags to keep them away from harmful particles that might ruin the shirts.

If you have more budget, then you can upgrade your storage bags into glass boxes or wallets. With these, your shirts will be more protected since the cases are solid. But whether you chose to keep your shirts in glass or plastic, always have a pack of silica gels per individual shirt. As you may already know, silica gels will absorb the moisture present inside the container.


5. Try rolling them

The last option you can choose when storing your retro football shirts is to roll them. Similar to folding, the container can also be made of vacuum-sealed bags or glass cases. Rolling is best done if your shirts are filled with prints.

In addition, prints can be damaged if they’re folded for a long time. Just make sure that the rolls will not be flattened otherwise, they’re better off being folded. You should also cheque them once in a while, and include silica gels to absorb all the moisture.

6. Store in a cool and dry place

Just like any other delicate thing, you should store retro football shirts in a cool and dry place. Exposing them to direct sunlight might cause fading of colour and damage to the prints.

Moreover, the storage should not also be a busy space. For example, if you’re going to place your collection into your closet, then make sure that there’s a divider between your regular shirts and your retro football shirts.

Additionally, cheque the shirts regularly to see if there are unnecessary folds and dirt accumulated inside the individual containers.


Are you excited to try these storage techniques? Then you should start choosing the type of container. Don’t forget to let us know which technique is your favourite by leaving a comment below!

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