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Ovarian Cancer and Infertility- Know about it from the best Fertility Specialist in Siliguri

by Dr. Prasenjit Kr. Roy
Fertility Specialist in Siliguri

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common gynecological cancer in women. The risk of ovarian cancer starts from age 35 and peaks at 55-64.

Ovarian cancer is highly adept at affecting fertility.

But due to the advancements in infertility treatments, pregnancy is still achievable. And as these treatments are available in the best fertility center in Siliguri, you can finally fulfill your dreams of parenthood.

But before we talk about the possible treatments, let’s talk about Ovarian cancer- why does it occur, what are the symptoms and how it affects fertility.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is a sporadic growth of cells in the ovaries. These cells multiply very quickly and affect healthy body tissues.

What are the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

The problem with ovarian cancer is that it does not show any symptoms until it reaches the 3rd or 4th stage.

Because of this issue, ovarian cancer has a high mortality rate. But, Ovarian cancer still has some common symptoms. They are:

  • Noticeable abdominal bloating
  •  Sudden loss of appetite
  • Noticeable weight loss
  • The feeling of discomfort in the pelvic region
  • Sharp back pains
  • Constipated bowel movements
  • Urgent need to urinate frequently.

If you notice these symptoms, do not delay any longer. Consult the best Gynecologist in Siliguri today.

What factors can cause Ovarian Cancer?

Since we have discussed the possible symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, let us now try to understand the causes of Ovarian Cancer.

  • Age – Age becomes a detrimental factor for Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian Cancer is often diagnosed in adults.
  • Familial History- If someone has past cases of ovarian cancer in the family, that increases the chances of acquiring it. 
  • Obesity- Women who suffer from obesity have a higher chance of getting Ovarian Cancer.
  • Hormone replacement therapy- Going through Hormone replacement therapy to control menopause symptoms can cause ovarian cancer.
  • Never being Pregnant- If someone has not undergone pregnancy, then it can increase the chances of ovarian cancer.

What are the treatments available for Ovarian Cancer?

There are two possible treatments for Ovarian Cancer. The first treatment option is surgically removing the tumor or the ovaries. The other treatment options include chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Ovarian Cancer and Infertility

Ovarian cancer can cause infertility issues. Ovarian cancer attacks the essential reproductive organs. This affects fertility in women.

But moreover, the available treatments for Ovarian cancer also impact fertility. Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy lower the quality of the eggs. This affects fertility.

But this does not mean that one cannot become a mother. With the help of advanced infertility treatments, the dream of motherhood is no longer a dream.

Fertility options for women suffering from Ovarian Cancer

IVF can help you achieve motherhood. Before your treatment for ovarian cancer starts, your gynecologist can harvest your eggs for the IVF procedure. But if the cancer treatment cannot be delayed, then you can also use donor eggs.

And if you are not able to continue with IVF, then you always have the option for surrogacy.

Do not let Ovarian cancer stand between you and your motherhood. With Highly advanced infertility treatments you can become a mother.

If you have any queries regarding infertility treatments, then you can always consult the best fertility specialist in Siliguri.

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