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Minecraft https aka ms remoteconnect Error – How to Fix It

Minecraft https aka ms remoteconnect Error - How to Fix It

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Have you ever wanted to enter Minecraft after an exhausting day, but your game shows the Exit Code 0 error and quits the game? This annoying error won’t even allow you to even start the game.

This error may have made you think with no idea why or how it happened, don’t worry. We have looked at some of the popular reasons why this is happening and also the way to fix it. https aka ms remoteconnect.

What is Exit Code 0 Error, and Why Does it Occur?

A Exit Code 0 error means that because of an issue or issue, the game can’t be launched. As a result, the game stops working and then closes when it is launched, with an error appearing in the display.

To answer the question of why it happens various reasons can make you lose your game. Some of them are,

  • Graphics Drivers Outdated If you’ve not updated the driver of your card’s graphics, this could be the root of our problem.
  • Mods that are not compatible: You could have installed some mods that keep causing the game to crash. It is also possible that the mods you’ve used before may not be compatible with the latest version of Minecraft.
  • The Java you’re using is outdated. Java In the event that Minecraft relies on an Java engine, it is crucial not to use the latest version of it to play in the same manner. If your Java is not current, it can cause an Exit Code 0 error.
  • Incompatible applications running in the background: Some software/applications that are incompatible with Minecraft and Java may be running in the background, causing the game to crash and the aforementioned error to appear.

How to Fix Exit Code 0 Error in Minecraft?

We now are aware of the reasons for this error , let’s consider how you can fix these issues so that your game will run smoothly.

Updating Graphics Driver

Your graphics cards have an control panel that you can easily update drivers. It is best to remember that different brands have separate control panels. For instance, AMD has AMD Radeon software, NVIDIA has GeForce Experience, in addition, Intel offers Intel Graphics Command Center.

We selected the more widely implemented NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience for a better illustration.

  1. Open Google then type GeForce Experience, then press Enter to start it.
  2. Click the Drivers tab in the upper left corner.
  3. Click to check for updates on the right. The program will then download and install the latest drivers.

Alternately you can use Device Manager to upgrade your GPU too.

  1. Hit Windows+X, or Right-click the Start Menu and choose Device Manager.
  2. Find Display adapters and expand them.
  3. Select your GPU , then right-click on it.
  4. Select Update Driver.
  5. A driver updater wizard pops up.
  6. Select Search Automatically for Drivers.
  7. The wizard will be able to updating your drivers.

Removing Incompatible Mods

Since the game will not begin to play, you’ll need to go to the mods folder and delete the files manually.

  1. Open search and type “%appdata%”.
  2. Enter to open the folder. Enter on the keyboard to launch the folder.
  3. Find .minecraft and open it.
  4. Then, locate the mods folder to access it.
  5. Get rid of old mods. We recommend keeping an eye on the mods you have and deleting them in all.
  6. Start Minecraft and test if the issue has been resolved.

Updating Java

The best method for updating Java is by installing a new installation.

  1. Go to Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features to open the list of applications installed on your computer.
  2. Find Java on the list, then select it.
  3. Click on the “Delete” button located at the top.
  4. Follow the pop-up wizard to finish the removal.
  5. Go to the official Java website and download the most recent version.
  6. Find the downloaded file , then install it.

Close the Incompatible Apps Running in the Background

You can find the list of applications that are incompatible with Minecraft in MinecraftHopper. Check the list to see which one is stopping the game’s performance.

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard to open Task Manager.Background apps
  2. Find the application that’s not compatible with Minecraft.
  3. Choose it and then click End Task on the bottom left.

Some Additional Solutions To Fix Exit Code 0 Error

Increasing RAM Allocation to Minecraft

There’s a possibility that you’re experiencing this error because your Minecraft requires more space on the RAM.

  1. Open Minecraft Launcher.
  2. Go to Installations.
  3. Three dots are located to the right-hand side of the game’s game.
  4. Select Edit
  5. After that, click More Options and find JVM Arguments.
  6. Search for the “Xm2G-” value in the box (at the beginning on the list of arguments).
  7. Change the 2G number to 3G (or higher if you have higher RAM). It alters the default 2 GB allocation of RAM to 3 GB to be used for Minecraft.

Reinstalling Minecraft

If none of the above solutions worked, then you’ll have to correct your issue by reinstalling game. Go to Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features, find the Minecraft launcher and uninstall it.

You can download Minecraft on its official website to install it. Hopefully, you will not experience the error following the installation.

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