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Minecraft Crossbow Enchantment Guide

by Ashish123

Hey there gamers how’s it going my name is why does welcome to an enchantment guide video looks like you thought the engine to guide series was over after like a year away yeah no of course not. Also, check- what does piercing do in Minecraft

So let’s actually start things off today with a little bit of crossbow crafting to get your hands on across well you can either kill some villagers or find it in a loot chest or craft the thing this is the crafting recipe for crossbow right here. #

The crossbow is basically an alternative to the boat it is a ranged weapon that can fire arrows tipped arrows or even firework rocket the cross what was added in the village and village update personally I prefer the bow still but the crossbow definitely isn’t bad so now let’s go ahead and take a look at the actual in shipments that you can get on this thing.

The first cross one Gemma that we’re looking at today is possibly also the coolest crossbow in shipment this is Gemini is known as multi-shot has won the enchantment level novelty shot isn’t a jam in the turns your cross will into a multi shooting destruction weapons.

A purely evil or super super

Something purely evil or super cool depending on how you look at it with the multi-shot and Jan 9 your crossbow will shoot 3 arrows each time it shoots instead of a single error now these 3 ours will go out in 3 different directions one will be straight.

One will be to the left and one will be to the right each era is actually being shot 10 degrees apart from the one right next to it another thing that makes the multi-shot and jam it even cooler is the fact that it actually only uses one Erro in survival.

If you take a look at how many errors I have in my hop are currently each time I’m shooting I am only losing one error now the player can actually go and pick up the center if the center Erro don’t end up actually getting anything.

But the cider house those basically ghost eros and cannot be picked up if you happen to be shooting tipped arrows out of your multi-shot across goal well then each hero is going to tip the big downside about multi-shot though is the fact that it will use up 3 durability boys each time.

It is shot instead of the usual one durability point so you’re going to definitely want to have and chanting on your cross well if you’re going with multi-shot is mutually exclusive with the piercing enchantment which means they cannot be on the same crossbow in survival.

Speaking of piercing

Speaking of piercing is actually the next and chairman and R. crossbow video today you’re seeing is an enchantment that has 4 different levels sing 1 through 4 if your crossbow happens that say piercing for honest than that piercing for cross spoken.

She threw 5 entities total that’s kind of really really cool any error that is shot from a piercing cross book and passed through whatever level it is plus 1 and 2 days so if you’re saying 1 crossbow can shoot through shoe entities here Singh also actually comes with another extra little benefit error shot from a piercing crossbow can be retrieved after piercing a mob so it’s kind of like infinity but absolutely not at the same time.

The piercing enchantment will ignore shields now again piercing in multi-shot are mutually exclusive meaning these Germans will never and can never be on the same crossbow in survival microbes.

Next, we’re going to talk about I’m breaking up breaking is 1 of the best enchantments and micro this isn’t a jam and they go and go on pretty much everything including the crossbow.

Now I’m breaking it makes your tools last longer there are 3 in shipment levels of on breaking and breaking 12 and 3 on breaking will cause a 100 divided by the level of a breaking plus 1 percent chance that 1 use will decrease the durability of the tool.

So for example let’s say we have I don’t know an on breaking 3 crosses but then we have 100 divided by 3 which is the breaking level plus 1 that is 100 divided by 4 so that means each use of the cross will only have a 25 percent chance that a shot will actually decrease the Bose durability.

Make your crossbow last a whole lot longer

So in short I’m breaking will make your crossbow last a whole lot longer which is absolutely amazing if you’re going to be using a crossbow is especially across but with the multi-shot enchantment then you are definitely going to want to get on breaking on that cross bow as well I mean if you can make your tools last longer why would you not make your clothes last longer don’t be crazy.

Next, we have an evil enchantment which is actually a curse the curse of vanishing now the curse of vanishing is actually a treasure enchantment which means you will not get it from the enchanting table you’ll either have to find a crossbow with this enchantment on it or put the enchantment on it.

But you probably don’t want to do that that wouldn’t really make sense now the curse of vanishing AG in Chapman or curse will cause whatever item is on to disappear upon the player’s death forever like it doesn’t drop it it’s gone this will only happen though if the curse on him is in the player’s inventory at the time of death.

So that means that you can kind of cheat your way around it by dropping your cursor vanishing crossbow right before you die if you have a curse of vanishing crossbow or you could just craft a different crossbow and not put the curse of vanishing on it that would probably work a little better.

So I yeah I heard the vanishing is just bad but you probably won’t ever find across well with the entrapment on it so that’s kind of good the next enchantment in today’s article is actually the last crossbow is exclusive and ship this enchantment is known as a quick charge which charge has 3 levels 12 and 3 the quick charging jasmine speeds up the cross was charged out quick charge is really really nice to have a quick charge 3 crossbows.

Quick charge 3 enchantment

Actually charged up a little faster than a normal bodas however if the quick charge 3 enchantment cannot be enchanted from HM and J. meaning you’ll either have to combine 2 quick charges 2 crossbows or too quick charge 2 books you can also obtain quick charge 3 be a villager trading.

As you can see here the quick charge is absolutely amazing it’s really really nice to have especially in high-intensity situations like maybe you’re fighting a raid you’re taking on I don’t know a cave.

Just so at any time, you need your crossbow to shoot and that should go out and shoot again then that would be a good time to have quick charge the quick charging jasmine along with a piercing and multi-shot we’re all added in the 1.14 update alongside the crossbow.

The final crossbow enchantment in today’s video is of course mending is another treasure enchantment that means you won’t be finding mending in the German table.

You’ll either have to F. K. fish fermenting or trade with a bill that you’re for a mending book then you can go ahead and put mending on your crossbow with mending on your crossbow in your hand when you gain experience your crossbow will actually heal up a little bit of it’s your ability which is really really nice.

If you have meant thing on your crossbow or really any of your tools those tools can basically last forever and you don’t have to go back and look repair them in and bill or anything like that if you have something set up like a basic model farm like a skeleton farmer on the farm coming from a spotter.

Librarian villager

Then you can use that thing as basically a way to repair all of your tools including your branding crossbow but again you’re going to actually have to try to find magic either get a librarian villager to sell the mending book to you or A. F. K. Fisher function hopefully fish of the mending Mendy works really really well when paired with on breaking 3.

So those are all the instruments that you can get on your crossbow in survival Minecraft now what’s the best possible cross will that you could get well that’s going to be kind of up to you but in my opinion the best cross well you can get is this thing right here.

Now, this crossbow has to pierce for quick charge 3 mendings, and on breaking 3 on it I definitely opt to go for piercing over multi-shot even though multi-shot is really really cool I just am not a huge fan of how multi-shot uses up the crossbows durability.


So I kind of have to go for piercing this is across all that will charge up pretty fast and uses very little durability the cross will also shoot through a bunch of mods and then whatever this cross was health is low.

I can go ahead and mended up at one of my spotter farce but S. again kind of personal preference, if you like multi-shot and you don’t really care about the durability going down and go with multi-shot over piercing it’s completely your call, and is that just about, does it for the crossbow enchantment guide.

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