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Learning The Relationship Between Vehicle Tyres & Wheels

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In case you’re new to the anatomy of vehicle tyres & wheels, then you must know that the black rings fitted onto the metal rims are called tyres and the rims are called wheels. Various factors contribute towards making a tyre great such as comfort, durability and grip. However, trying to integrate all of the aforementioned qualities into a tyre isn’t easy. Hence, designing & developing a specific tyre model isn’t easy. 

Tyre manufacturers spend time & money not only in R&D (Research & Development) but also testing the tyres extensively before releasing the same onto the market. Hence, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be sharing the relationship between vehicle wheels and tyres. 

Different Types Of Tyres Based On Their Construction

Usually, there are two types of tyres – tubeless and tube-type tyres. Both have their own properties and both can be used in cars. But, tyres can also be segregated based on their structure and they’re as follows:

Radial Tyres

Radial tyres are generally used in passenger vehicles because their soft sidewall provides more flexibility on the road. It gives a good suspension and a nice comfort for the passenger and it is widely used for the best performance.

Bias Tyres

Bias tyres were used back in the days and have now been replaced by radial ones. They had rigid sidewalls leading to low riding comfort as well as fuel efficiency. 

Belted-Bias Tyres

A combination of bias and radial tyres, which means they provide both the benefits and drawbacks of the aforementioned ones. Tyres can be differentiated with the dimensions rims and the type of tyre which you have. 

Rim (Wheel) Size Vs Tyre Size

According to a reputed organisation for car tyres in Otahuhu, all rims will not fit all types of tyres. When you refer to the tyre size being 15-inch or 16-inch, you generally refer the same to the rim size. 

When talking about the tyre size, the following main attributes should be considered:

The width of the tyre.

The height of the tyre.

The inner circumference diameter of the tyre. 

You can find the details of any tyre by inspecting the sidewall of the tyre. You always need to get a regular checkup of your tyre that will maintain your car. The dimensions will be engraved in alphanumeric combinations. For instance, if the combination says 165/55 R15, then that means that the width of the tyre is 165 millimetres, the sidewall height of the tyre is about 55 per cent of the total tyre width. The ‘R’ denotes that the tyre is of radial type and the rim size it can fit is 15 inches. 

As a vehicle owner, you must remember that if you use an incorrect tyre and rim size pairing, then it will lead to a decrease in the ride quality along with the overall fuel efficiency. Hence, when you’re upsizing or downsizing your car tyres, make sure you ask for professional assistance so that you can choose the ideal option. 

Finally, if you need any additional assistance, don’t hesitate to let us know. 


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