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Is a Composite Fence Better Than a Wooden Fence?

by johnliam
Is a Composite Fence Better Than a Wooden Fence?

If you’re wondering if a composite fence is better than a wood fence, the answer is yes. Then you should continue reading this article. Before you answer the question, there are a few things you should know. To begin, you must first understand what a wood fence is. You must also understand what a composite fence is. Then you’ll understand why composite fences are designed to replace wood fences.

What is a Wood Fence? 

What is a Wood Fence? 

A wood fence is one that is constructed of wood. This means that it is entirely made of wood. Wooden fences come in a variety of styles. There are two types of fences: softwood and hardwood. Pine, fir, and spruce are used to make softwood fences. Chemicals must be applied to certain timbers in order for them to endure longer. The chemical will also make it pest and rot-resistant. Chemical treatment is not required for hardwood. They’re composed of redwood and cedar.

These woods are inherently robust and resistant to decay and insect attack. Installing a wood fence will cost between €8 and €10 per linear foot. Some will be more expensive, and you may expect hardwood to be more expensive than softwood. The disadvantage of a wood fence is its short lifespan. The trästaket will last for a long time, but the wood itself will not. This implies that you must maintain your wood fence on a regular basis.

Your wood fence’s lifespan will be extended if it is well-maintained. This is a costly and time-consuming procedure. Your wood fence will need to be sanded, sealed, oiled, painted, or stained on a regular basis. You must do this on a yearly basis, otherwise, your fence will not survive long. Furthermore, the procedure is exhausting and time-consuming. It will be a waste of money since you will have to pay for all of the supplies required to maintain your wood fence.

Another disadvantage of a wood fence is that it will collect water after a long period of use. A wood fence can bloat and deteriorate if it collects water. Wood fences will also fracture or split as a result of temperature changes. As you can see, the wooden fence has a significant setback.

What is Composite Fence? 

What is Composite Fence? 

A composite fence is a man-made fence composed of wood fibers and plastic. In a facility, the wood fiber and plastic are combined and heated before being sliced into composite fence boards. Because of the numerous drawbacks of wood fencing, the composite fence was created or developed to replace them. Unlike a wood fence, which requires frequent and time-consuming maintenance, a composite fence does not. To make a composite fence robust, you don’t need to sand, oil, seal, stain, or paint it. If there is dirt on the fence, all you need to do is clean it with a hose. When subjected to temperature changes, a composite fence will not splinter or break. In addition, the color of the kompositstaket will not fade after a long period of use.

Outdoor fencing is better than wood 

Another advantage of composite fencing is that you may choose whatever color you wish. Composite fences are available in both dark and light colors. You may obtain a composite fence with a wood grain finish if you prefer wood and want a fence that looks like wood. This is due to the fact that composite fences have a wood grain appearance that makes them appear to be made of wood. The cost of composite fencing is the most significant disadvantage.


Wood fences are more costly than composite fences. Installing them costs roughly €15 per linear foot. This may appear to be a drawback. However, when you consider that you will not spend as much on a composite fence as you would on a wood fence, it is not a negative. Over time, composite fences save you money, whereas wood fences squander your money. To conduct easy math, add the money you’ll spend on maintenance to the cost of buying a wood fence for five years. Do the same with composite fences, and you’ll see that they save money and are worthwhile investments.


The advantages of a composite fence over a wood fence make it superior. It takes little care, won’t crack or shatter, is long-lasting, and is insect-resistant.

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