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Inventive Passover Gifts to Bring to the Seder!!!

by winni73
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Show your gratitude with a conventional, cheeky, or downright elegant present. Having a Passover seder supper isn’t like hosting guests for any other occasion, and it’s a difficult task to master. For starters, it necessitates gathering all of the ceremonial accouterments, such as a seder plate, candles and candlesticks, reclining pillows, a haggadah for each visitor, an afikomen holder — and, of course, awards for whoever discovers the hidden matzah hoard.

And that’s before a host starts preparing the seder meal, which has its own set of dietary rules and customs. (Kosher for Passover has its own set of rules; it’s only flourless desserts for this holiday!)  That’s not to mention the cleaning required to clear the house of chametz (leavened food) prior to the dinner — and, of course, the clean-up required afterward! (Is it making you fatigued just thinking about it?) 

As a guest at such a unique holiday gathering, the standards of civility apply: arrive on time, be courteous, participate when asked, and bring a meaningful hostess gift for an extra special touch. You could always bring an unusual matzah dish to the feast or a bottle of kosher wine to open together to express to your host how much you appreciate all of the effort that went into such a cherished and meaningful custom. (After all, there’s a lot of wine eaten at a seder!) 


Consider bringing one of these additional significant Passover gifts to the host’s house, which can be enjoyed by all on the same night or cherished as part of the host’s family’s traditions for years to come. You can order gifts online from your comfort zone and make someone feel special. 


Seder Plate with Tree of Life:

A seder plate is a unique ceremonial object that is sure to become a family heirloom for anyone hosting the Passover seder for the first time. The tree of life motif on this plate represents hope. 


Blanket made of matzah:

With this warm matzah-printed throw blanket, you’ll win the hostess gift game. It’s not for eating, despite its realism: it’s for movie nights, couch naps… and just as a fun piece of decor. 


Labels for Passover Wine Bottles:

Yes, the Passover seder can last for several hours. Bring a present that will keep the meal lively: These amusing wine labels go right over the ones that come with the bottles (and make a highly Instagrammable addition to the night).


Holder for Matzah Crackers in the Shape of a Pyramid:

Hello, lovely. This asymmetrical modern matzah holder is available in gold or silver to complement your host’s style. 


Set of playing cards:

Those old traditional haggadot don’t always hit home with everyone at the table. The Passover for the Soul deck is meant to be the antidote, linking the story to current sensibilities while complementing the holiday book. 


Necklace with a Star of David:

You can never go wrong with 14-karat gold and diamonds when you truly want to express your gratitude! This Jewish star necklace is magnificent enough to be a show-stopping hostess present, but it’s also delicate enough to wear every day (and then passed on for generations). 


Apron in Chambray:

Even if your host’s Passover cooking is over by the time you arrive, you can give them a present that will make their time in the kitchen more enjoyable all year. This stylish apron features a charming sage green shade that’s ideal for spring but can be worn year-round. 


Platter of Matzah:

This witty printed plate was handcrafted and recycled from salvaged ceramics, saving the environment while pampering your host. 


Matzah Desserts in a Rainbow:

What a stunning display! Marzipan is used to make these Passover delicacies. They are a great hostess gift because of the rainbow motif. 


Gift Tray with Fruit and Nuts:

For a sophisticated presentation, this well-stocked gift tray comprises 18 different dried fruits and nuts. Medjool dates, Turkish apricots, California peaches, and other fruits come to mind. 


Platter for Serving:

Give this star of David serving platter as a gift for Passover, and they’ll use it all year for Jewish holidays. It’s also unbreakable, which makes it a thoughtful addition to a family with young children. You can send gifts online to your loved ones even if you live in another city.

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