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Information of Jowar Cultivation in India With Guidance

Cultivation of Jowar

by vishalsamadhiya
Information of Jowar Cultivation in India With Guidance

Farmer brothers use the whole plant of jowar in animal feed, but it is used as food for making khichdi and chapati. It can be cultivated at any place; the irrigated and unirrigated area does not have any effect on its crop. The length of its plants is found from 10 to 12 feet, which you can harvest several times for green fodder. Therefore, a good crop of jowar is received in areas with high rainfall.  Farmer brothers are also earning more profit by cultivating jowar commercially. Moreover, for better farming Swaraj 717 tractor model is excellent as it comes with an affordable price range. 

Cultivation of Jowar

It is essential to know what should be the land and temperature for the cultivation of jowar so that you can earn profit by doing good farming, which is described as follows:-

Jowar crops can be grown on any land. But to get more quantity of production, farming should be done in clay soil with proper drainage. The P.H. of the land in its cultivation. During that summer, good yield can be acquired by irrigation in the proper dose. Its plants require average rainfall. Jowar seeds germinate properly at ordinary temperatures, and they need a 25 to 30-degree temperature at the time of plant development. 

Land Preparation & Fertilizer 

Before growing the jowar crop, prepare the field properly. For this, the area is first profoundly shoved. Then, after ploughing, 10 carts of old cow dung manure has to be used per hectare in the field. Plough the domain immediately after using manure and mix the waste well in the soil. After this, the area is pulverized by applying water. After ploughing, when the ground becomes dry, apply a rotavator and do deep ploughing of the field. Due to this, the soil becomes friable, and then the area is levelled with a pat as a chemical fertilizer in the jowar field, one sack of DAP per hectare of pasture. If the crop has been done for green fodder, then after harvesting, spray 20 to 25 kg of urea in the field.

Transplanting Method 

The drill and spraying method is used for planting the seeds.About 12 to 15 K.G. seeds are needed in a one-hectare field, but 30 K.G. seeds are required for transplanting for green fodder. 

After this, if you want to plant the seeds in a sprinkling method, then sprinkle the seeds in the field and apply a cultivator and do light ploughing. Due to this, the head goes to some depth in the ground. Then, in the drill system, the seeds must be grown in rows. A distance of one foot is kept between each row, and the seeds have to be produced at a distance of 5 cm in 3 to 4 cm depth. This allows the seeds to germinate properly. Since the Jowar crop is done along with the Kharif crop, seed planting should be done from April to the end of May.


Regular irrigation is suitable for the jowar crop. This is because plants need more water in the cultivation done for green fodder. 

Weed Control 

There is not much need for weed control in jowar cultivation. But to get a good yield, it is necessary to control weeds in the crop. First, in a chemical process, a proper amount of atrazine has to be sprayed immediately after sowing the seed. Next, weeding – Weeding is done in a natural method. After this, plough the field only when needed. Also, for controlling weeds Swaraj 855 tractor is the best model which is suitable for farmers. And helps in productive farming by handling every farming equipment easily.   


Jowar plants are all set for cutting after 110 days. Harvest the plants when the leaves on the plants appear dry. After harvesting, the grains are separated, and they are adequately dried. After this, divide the grains through the machine.


Out of which, up to 25 quintals of jowar grains are found. The market price of jowar grains is 2.5 thousand rupees per quintal. Accordingly, farmers can earn up to 60 thousand rupees per hectare of land from a one-time crop of brother jowar.

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