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How to Shrink Outlook PST File?  – Two Methods

Shrink Outlook PST File

by Elle Stephen

As an Outlook user, you need to pay attention to PST file management. Users prefer the Outlook email client because of its advanced features and performance. However, when you don’t pay attention and don’t manage your PST files, it becomes a critical situation for you.

 In fact, you may lose all the data in the PST file. You should know that Outlook PST files have some limitations in mailbox storage. Once the user reaches or exceeds this maximum limit, issues like performance drop, Outlook app crashes, etc. start happening in Outlook. So the only solution to solve this situation is to shrink Outlook PST file. Now, many users nowadays are not using MS Outlook but want to shrink their PST file. So the first question on every user’s mind is is this possible? The answer is absolute, very likely. You can compress PST data items without using Outlook. Through this article, we will know how to do it?

Before moving on to the technique of shrinking PST files without Outlook. Let’s educate users about the problems users are facing with very large PST files.

Problems Arise With Large PST Files

PST files that are too big are the main cause of all problems for Outlook users. This can corrupt the PST file, stop sending/receiving new emails, unexpectedly closing Outlook, etc. Here we discuss the problems that users face when the Outlook PST file approaches or reaches its maximum size limit. PST files grow to their maximum size, they are easily damaged. Your files may be completely corrupted or corrupted.  PST file may become inaccessible – PST file may become inaccessible and display the error message

Professional Solution to Shrink Outlook PST File 

The advanced software called Outlook PST Splitter Tool allows users to efficiently shrink and optimize Outlook data files. It allows you to add multiple Outlook data files at the same time and reduce the PST size. There is no risk of data loss while performing the compression process of multiple PST files. This tool reduces the size of any file and saves back in the same PST format. This tool is specially designed to reduce PST file size in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and manage all database files in Outlook. It can easily compress large size PST files like ANSI and Unicode without losing data.

It allows you to add multiple Outlook data files at the same time and reduce the PST size. There is no risk of data loss while performing the compression process of multiple PST files. The software will reduce the size of any file and save it in PST format only.

Steps to Shrink Outlook PST File With or Without Outlook Installation

  • Download the Software on your System

Download Split PST Software

  • Add PST File / Folder and browse to the destination path

Add PST file or Folder

  • Now Select the splitting option you want, such as split by size, folder, date, year, email ID, and category

Choose any Options

  • User can specify desired size in MB, GB and TB to split PST into desired size

split by size

  • After selecting the Split by Size option and providing the required details, click the Next button to continue

split by size

  • Now the Software displays a summary of the split information. Press Next to start the PST splitting process

split by size

  • Finally, the process of reducing the size of the Outlook PST file is complete

process complete

Manual Method to Shrink PST Data File Using Outlook

  • Start and open the Outlook Email Client
  • Now remove unwanted data items from your mailbox
  • Go to the folder list, right click on the Deleted Items folder and select Empty Folder
  • Go to Files, Information, then Account Settings
  • Click Data Files in the Account Settings window. Then select the Outlook file
  • Next, go to the Settings option
  • Click the Compress Now button. This will start compressing the Outlook data file.

Limitations of Manual Process

  • The manual steps look simple, but there are some drawbacks that make this method fail.
  • If the size and volume of the email is too large, using the manual method to complete the task can be time consuming. Sometimes it can take 1-2 days.
  • The database could be lost in the process. This means that the manual method has no guarantee of data security.
  • This can be a confusing solution, especially for non-technical users.


In this blog, we have introduced two methods to shrink Outlook PST files, the first method is a bit tricky and time consuming. The second method is an automated solution, which is simple and provides 100% safe results. You can easily compress PST data files without losing any software. For more information, you can download and evaluate the free version of the software, and if you have any further questions, then contact our team.

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