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How to Measure a Baby’s Shoe Size?

by pinakshchopra12

As parents, you would have picked up soft sole shoes for your little one. They look adorable and keep your baby’s feet warm. Now, as per the paediatrician, pre-walkers need not wear shoes. Ideally, it is best to keep them barefoot so they can learn the art of walking. However, most parents pick them to create a complete look for their little one.

Size does not play many roles as the pre-walker shoes are mostly of free size. But you should pay attention to picking the right shoe size as your baby starts walking. Do not pick a size based on your baby’s age. Age sizing depends on generic measurements. Each baby’s body grows at a different rate. It could be possible that your baby’s shoe size is larger or smaller than other babies of their age. Hence, measuring their feet before buying children’s shoes is essential.

Following are the ways to measure their size:

  • Lay your baby barefoot on a flat surface. Ensure their toes are not curled up, which could lead to wrong measurements.
  • Use a measuring tape or a ruler to check the baby’s feet from the back of their heel to the longest toe.
  • Measure both the feet this way. Do not freak out if one of the two feet is larger. It is very common. Stick to the longest measurement of the two.
  • Measure the toe gap while your baby has their shoes on. There should at least be half an inch of space between their toes and the end of the shoe.
  • When it comes to the back of the shoe, you should be able to put a little finger between the heel and back of the shoe.

Now, some shoe sizes vary depending upon their style and make. Since boys have broader feet than girls, their shoe size is bigger. Girls’ shoe designs are more delicate, so their sizing is smaller. If you want to buy a great pair of baby girls’ shoes, then you should check online stores.

Tips for Purchasing the Right Pair of Shoes

  • Comfort and correct fit are the two most important factors to consider when buying baby shoes. It may look fancy. However, your little one removes them the minute you put them on if they do not fit well and are uncomfortable.
  • Several kids remove their shoes and throw them around. To avoid this, you should consider buying high ankle shoes as they cannot remove easily.
  • Ideally, baby girl boots or any other shoe should offer a firm grip on slippery surfaces. Make sure you pick skid-resistant shoes.

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