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How to hire an artist logo to create a logo design for your brand

hire an artist logo to create a logo design for your brand

by Amantech

Before acquiring a graphics designer for designing the emblem of your brand, the important thing I want to ask at this point is how well do you know about logos. A logo is an effective way to connect with your consumers. Every brand has its uniqueness compared with different brands, but the essential thing that keeps this distinction is the emblem. But the question here is, how well do you know about logos. Your logo will help you in standing out from the rest. The logo of your brand is an integral part of highlighting your business.Custom logo design is the best way to describe people about your brand and its values.

The logo reflects all the attributes of your brand. Therefore, you have to create your brand logo design so that it can convey a solid impression of your brand. However, a logo Is an essential thing for your brand. This blog will discover how you can hire an artist logo to create a distinctive style that will help you grow your brand.


There are various methods for hiring a logo designer for designing your logo. You can either hire a freelance logo artist or hire a graphics designing agency, depending on your project’s budget. However, here we will discuss all these methods for hiring a graphics designer with cost and pros and cons. We will also discuss the platforms where you can get these logo designers.

Hiring a freelancer

The cost of hiring a freelancer logo designer for your brand logo design will be comparatively priced low as compared to acquiring services from an agency. If your brand is low on budget, hiring a freelance logo designer will be effective. You can find freelancers on fiver or Upwork and bid on them per your budget.



The most important advantage of hiring a logo designer from a freelance website is affordability.



  1. Hiring a logo designer from freelance websites may be risky because you haven’t seen previous work experience of your freelancer. You are just judging him from his profile.
  2. The delivery time of your project may be delayed and underdelivered as per the promise.
  3. Your freelancer may reply to you quickly, at the start, as he wants to grab your project. However, the response may be delayed as soon as he gets the project and the payment is made.
  4. You cannot criticize your freelancer freely. For example, if you have criticized your logo designer too much, he might leave your project hanging.



If you are a brand or a startup, this will work best for you. The cost of your logo design may vary as per your designs, but usually, it costs around $100 to $550. The price of your logo design may also be dependent on the gig and profile you are choosing if you are selecting a freelancer from Fiverr. Usually, a new seller may cost you around $5 to $25 for your logo designs. However, if the profile is top-rated, it will cost you about $50 to $ 550, depending on its services.


Platforms for hiring

Various ways are available for you to hire logo designers online. But some of the notable mentions where you can get these are Fiver, Upwork, and Canva.


Hiring an in-house logo designer

In this process, you hire a graphics designer by posting job posts. Usually, you have to employ an in-house artist logo if you want constant new logos or designs for your projects. For example, suppose you run a software house and have a graphics design department. Then hiring an in-house graphics designer will work best for you since you have to complete all of your tasks like designing the UI/UX of the websites or simply designing any custom logo design for your clients.


  1. Hiring an in-house graphics designer will provide better quality in your design projects.
  2. The delivery gets quickly as soon as you get the project.



  1. Your creativity may get limited.
  2. Since your creativity gets limited, it becomes less challenging for you to make creative illustrations.
  3. In in-house, the workload is too much due to less management.


Usually, hiring a graphics designer for your in-house projects may cost you around $15 to $150 per hour.

Platforms for hiring

You can hire an in-house graphics designer by posting ads on LinkedIn, indeed, or any job posting website.


Hiring agency for your brand logo design

Hiring an agency for your brand logo design usually doesn’t refer to only designing the logo design. You can hire for the branding services of your brand too. For example, suppose you want to create your website and mobile app with the best UI/UX and your brand’s best business logo design. Then for these purposes hiring an agency will work best for you. In addition, hiring an agency for your projects provides better communication through regular meetings and calls.


  1. The essential aspect of hiring an agency for your projects is that it provides a complete platform for establishing your brand.
  2. You can get the best quality work.
  3. Your project gets completed on time with proper communication streams.


  1. The disadvantage of hiring an agency for completing your work is that it is not cost-effective.
  2. You have to be committed throughout the completion of your project.


Since an agency provides you with all the necessary items for establishing your brand, the cost of hiring an agency gets higher. However, you can hire a graphic designing agency for about $80 to $250, depending on the versatility of your project.

Platforms for hiring

Hiring an agency to complete your projects is an expensive and time-commitment process. You have to hire an agency when you have a high project budget. However, you can employ designster for your logo and different illustrations projects since it provides


Best affordable rates.

On-time delivery.

Better communication streams.

Best and creative logo designs.



However, you also have different ways to hire a logo designer, such as finding a graphics designer in your network. You can also hire a graphics designer by simply posting a job post on social media platforms like Facebook. You can also hire a graphic designer through an online contest for your logo design. Hiring graphics will provide you with the best logo design for your brand at the best affordable rate. Websites like 99 design and design crowd provide a platform for hiring graphics designers through online contests.



Since a logo provides an identity to your brand, it is essential to make your logo so that it conveys your brand values. However, you also have to understand that you don’t get 100% design as expected. Designing a logo also takes time since it has to go through various phases to become your brand’s best creative business logo design. In addition, having logo design art skills is also challenging since it requires a great creative mind to make creative graphics illustrations. One thing is most important for you to understand how well do you know about your logos when designing. Your logo design must have a creative element with a meaningful message for your consumers.
However, if you want to design creative business logo designs for your brand, Designster will help you create one by providing you unlimited graphic design services. They have a team of highly experienced logo designers who can create an eye-catching custom logo design for your brand.


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