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How to Get Free Business Credit Scores

A business credit score is a crucial insight into a company’s financial health and reliability.

by CreditPush
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Every year, as a consumer you are entitled to access your credit report and credit score from each of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian) for free. This guaranteed access is a result of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. However, this guaranteed free access does not apply to your business credit reports and business credit scores.

Yet reviewing your business credit reports and business credit scores on an ongoing basis is critical for so many reasons. Unlike consumer credit scores, anyone can check your business credit score without your permission, and without having a good reason. So various parties will use your business credit report to make decisions that affect your business.

Whether a bank is considering giving you a loan or a new trade partner is contemplating doing business with you – they could use your business credit reports to make a decision. You definitely want to know what’s in those reports before they do!

As a savvy business owner, you will need a lot more help with credit management than just access to credit reports, however. You will need:

  • Continuous credit alerts and insights to help you boost your score
  • Actionable insights that enable better business decisions and that continually improve your credit scores
  • A deeper understanding of your business’s overall financial health through cash flow forecasts
  • The ability to connect your favorite business apps, like CRM, accounting, payroll, marketing, and credit, to get better insights on your business
  • Easy access to a wide range of high-quality credit products tailored to your business’s credit needs

You could hire and manage an entire team to provide your business with these functions, but few small and medium-sized businesses have the budget to do so.

Great news! CreditPush not only offers you free access to business credit reports and business credit scores, we also offer an entire easy-to-navigate business and credit management platform with all of the above features. And it is all free!

How do we manage to provide cutting-edge credit and business management technologies without charging you a penny? Financial institutions that offer you tailored credit products through our platform will pay us if you take advantage of their offers. We give you the tools to get the best offers. We only win when you win.

Is it time to get in control of your business’s growth and future? Sign up to be a beta tester for CreditPush today. The first 1000 beta testers will have free access to all beta features for life!

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