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How to Choose Best Necklaces to Highlight Facial Features?

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The right necklace highlights your looks and compliments your face. It will give you an edge in personal styling and boost your confidence. However, the most attractive jewelry on the shelf may not necessarily look as good a cartouche necklace on you as you think. This is due to our unique face shapes! Moreover, jewelry looks great on you if it complements and balances the shape of your face.

We have compiled a selection of beautiful jewelry best suited for your face. However, to find out what your face shape is, simply pull all your hair back to expose your face fully and observe the natural shape and angles of your face. Moreover, while we have highlighted six face shapes, it’s likely that your face shape may be a mixture of two different types. Hence, you can use the advice from both shapes to pick out the jewelry that can bring out your best features.

four leaf clover necklace

On Face Value

First, identify the shape of your face through different means – pull your hair back with pins or a headband, so that your face is free of all the hair. However, measure or trace your face looking at a mirror. Next, lay a piece of tracing paper over the mirror and outline the reflection of your face through it, or draw directly on the glass with a wet-erase (overhead projection) marker. Also, wipe the mirror clean with a wet paper towel. 

Moreover, you can also print a picture of your face and trace the shape. However, compare the results with the reference images that match the closest. The features may be softer or more angular but the general shape will be revealed. Moreover, these are some of the guidelines that you can follow. Also, these tips come in handy when you are getting ready for the day or when you shop for new jewelry.

The Oval Look

Oval face shapes have rounded hairlines and jaws. Soft and curved, they are at an equal distance from the hairline to the eyebrow and from the eyebrow to the chin. Moreover, they are slightly longer than they are wide. However, oval faces can wear a four leaf clover necklace as long as the design is in proportion to the individual. Wear a shorter necklace or a choker to emphasize your long neck. 

A Diamond Look

Diamond face shapes have narrow chins and foreheads with wide cheekbones. Besides, diamond faces can wear almost any shape or style of cartouche necklace as long as the design is in proportion to the individual. However, you can also wear a shorter necklace or a choker to emphasize a long neck.

A Round Feeling

You own around jaw and hairline, nice round cheeks, and a wide and long nose, indicating a round face shape! It’s best to go for longer necklaces that create a V or Y. Moreover, geometric pendants will also be very complimentary as they give the impression of a longer face shape.

cartouche necklace

The Rectangular Slot

Oblong or rectangular faces look similar to oval faces, with width at the forehead, cheekbones, and chin. Oblong faces are longer and narrower, so chokers, pentagram necklaces with a wide curve, and circular pendants look good.

Everything So Square

Square faces have strong jawlines. However, a square face shape has an equal distance from the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. For proper balance, add length with alexandrite necklaces and linear shapes. 

The Heart That Beats

Heart-shaped faces have narrow chins and wider foreheads. Moreover, heart-shaped faces prefer short necklaces with a wide base to reduce the appearance of length in the jawline and diminish the sharp point of the chin.

The Triangular Appeal

Features a narrow hairline and wide jawline. Moreover, allah necklaces with gentle curves will soften the strong jawline. However, long necklaces with eye-catching, linear pendants are also great choices. It’s not about rules. It’s all about feeling and looking your best.

With a face shape set, go for a necklace and earring style and design that matches perfectly with your face and body. Dressing up and looking fashionable with the help of earrings and necklaces isn’t that hard anymore. Learn these tricks, and you will surely ace the jewelry game. For beautiful jewelry that will highlight your facial features, visit our collection! 

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