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How Should You Prepare For Medical Clearance For Work?

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Medical Clearance For Work

Are you planning for a job change or looking for some work? If so, you should look at the new laws to guide you through the process. Under the new laws, the states have made it compulsory to get their medical clearance for work. 

This is especially true for the people looking for work in patient-centered professions such as hospitals and other dispensaries. The medical clearance should be such which satisfies the needs of employers. 

Without any doubt, the chances of getting the job increase manifold by getting the medical clearance done. But people are not familiar with the preparation required for the same. Consequently, let us know some crucial things about medical clearance for work. 

Medical Clearance For Work 

Undergoing the medical examination and security investigation is vital for all people seeking new employment. Submitting all your information will take less time for you to complete your medical clearance. 

Get the medical clearance for work first before resigning from your previous job. Once you clear your medical clearance and get evaluated thoroughly, you should move to another employment. 

Tests Carried Out During Medical Clearance. 

Not everyone is clear with the medical clearances and tests carried out during this exam. In many terms, it is similar to the routine annual checkup with minor differences here and there. Usually, when the medical clearance is done for the work or some employment, the following tests are carried out. 

The physician checks your heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate. The main purpose is to discern your overall health status. 

Whether your lungs are working normally or not is also checked by the stethoscope. 

Besides this, the surgeon also checks if there are any irregularities in your body’s immune system because if there are some, it can disrupt your work. 

Before going in for these tests and checkups, it is better to complete all your paperwork concerning this. While filling in the details, it is better to mention any diseases, injuries, or infections. Having prior information about your health will help the physician carry out the tests easily. 

Tests in Medical Clearance 

Apart from the basic tests, some additional tests are carried out in medical clearance for work. The number of tests required for you to pass depend upon the kind of employment you are going into. 

Let us go through some of the tests done by the surgeons for medical clearances. 

Drug screening 

The foremost test done is drug screening. In this test, a sample is taken, which may consist of hair, urine, blood to detect the presence of harmful drugs in your body that might disrupt your performance at the workplace. 

X rays 

This test is a crucial part of your medical clearance for work and determines your ability to do justice to your work. Whether you have broken bones, tumors, abnormal growth, or fractured bones, all this will come out clearly in the X-rays report. Consequently, many organizations and employers prefer getting this test done. 

Blood tests

By way of simple blood tests, the surgeon determines numerous other things such as diabetes, cholesterol test, CBC, hepatitis screening, etc. Anemia and other conditions concerning it can easily be figured out by way of this. 

Covid-19 test 

The health risk has increased manifold due to the covid-19 virus. Witnessing the severity of the disease, employers may ask you to get your covid-19 testing done to qualify for employment. 


If you seriously want to get employed or change your job, the only option left for you is getting the medical clearance for work. Reach out to your nearest physician to get this test done. Besides the above-mentioned tests, some employers can also ask you to get urine tests, immunity tests, and vaccinations. These tests increase the employer’s confidence in you and make you physically fit to do the job.


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