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How do you fully edit your website with WordPress Gutenberg?

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WordPress has been around for a long time and getting new upgrades continuously. Customizing the appearance of a website needs a lot of skill and knowledge. WordPress Gutenberg is similar to your platform’s building blocks in this regard. People are still experimenting with the tool to extract the best. This editor is more user-friendly for those who have little or no coding experience.

Do you know when Gutenberg Editor got launched the popularity of WordPress is highly increasing? However, it has become a replacement for the classic editor. And, now it has become an official add-on of the Wordpress platform. Many business owners hire WordPress developer to add blocks to their websites.

A Brief Description about the WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

With WordPress 5, the new block-based editor allotted a code name. The process of updating content is the most significant change. Also, it allows you to add media types in several formats and organize the layout using blocks inside the editor. WordPress has had an effective influence on the industry. Your company is taking the first steps toward a bright future. So, for a better user experience, Gutenberg allows you to concentrate on the page templates. It is a fantastic alternative to the standard WordPress editor, used as the default content editor for pages and posts.

So, if you want to make a long structure, you must mix the small blocks of various shapes and sizes. In this way, you can make a single post from multiple tiny blocks. Now you can break down Gutenberg into several sections:

  • Text: include paragraphs, lists, quotes, headings, and other elements.
  • Media: Images, galleries, audio files, videos, and other media 
  • Widget: Add WordPress widgets, a category list, and more.
  • Design: Include columns, spacers, sections, buttons, and other elements.

So, if you want to enjoy the features of the WordPress Gutenberg editor, consult with the WordPress Development company.

Steps to use WordPress Gutenberg block for your website

It’s something that folks should look at because it’s not a brand-new WordPress editor. However, it’s laying the foundation for a fun web development process. Furthermore, it gives you limitless options for customizing the website to meet your needs. Although, business owners mostly hire Wordpress developer and hand over all the projects to them. Below are the tips you can also follow:

Use / to Insert Blocks Quickly

Adding multiple blocks or manually opening the block inserter might be time-consuming and difficult. You begin by memorizing the names of the blocks you intend to use. The forward slash is a faster way of inserting blocks.

Initially, the new paragraph block appears when you press enter. By typing forward-slash, followed by the name of the block you want to add, you can quickly insert a block. There is a list of blocks available that will meet your needs. Even a WordPress development company can help you insert the block in your website.

Using the Dragging Process to Insert Images

If you need a lot of photos, the WordPress Gutenberg blocks provide a time-saving function that allows you to skip the image block entirely. Instead, you add the image file directory to the post by dragging it from your desktop.

Content Formatting Ease

Although, the headings are easier to work with when using the Markdown syntax for content creation. Moreover, you can use the space bar to add three hashtags (‘###’) just like you would when inserting a heading block with an H3 tag. Your heading will be converted to an H3 by the editor, and you can proceed with the content.

Make a Block Copy

To the same extent as another editor, block editor allows you to copy and paste the text. It would be beneficial if you accomplished the following:

  • First of all, Choose a block.
  • Next, In the block toolbar, click the three dots icon.
  • Now you see Copy as an option.
  • Copy the block and paste it using “Ctrl + V” or right-clicking and selecting Paste.

Make use of the Block List View

So, to choose the block, click on the editor. When nested blocks such as adding clocks inside group blocks or columns are used, things become more complicated. The ListView option is available in WordPress Gutenberg and accessed from the toolbar. By clicking on the list, you can select the clock, and when you hover over the block, an editor will highlight it. 

Add Anchors in the block

The HTML anchor link function aids in the creation of jump links to particular sections of the content. Manual coding is required to add HTML anchors in the traditional editor. You must enter the text in the HTML anchor box in the Advanced portion of the block settings with the WordPress Gutenberg Blocks.

The Last Word

However, exploring the Gutenberg editor can be time-consuming, and you may miss out on some of the most valuable tools available. Here’s where you’ll need to hire WordPress developer. Every professional WordPress development agency has the knowledge and the skills to manage the tools for your business.

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