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How can you keep your team motivated in 2022?

by jumpingjackalope
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For decades, a critical issue plaguing HR workers and managers around employee and team motivation has been plaguing HR workers and managers. Reduced productivity and morale and a lack of consistency throughout the organization can result from an unmotivated person or team. There are numerous theories about how to encourage staff best. Some believe that monetary incentives are the only way to properly encourage people, while others believe that a better work culture may provide motivation. We must first understand the many forms of workplace motivators before completely comprehending how to encourage work teams and employees.

Individuals’ efforts to meet their requirements are referred to as motivation. As a result, if an employee believes that their job cannot meet their basic needs, they may get demotivated. For example, if an employee is trying to meet their social demands but doesn’t have access to social events and activities outside of work meetings, they may be unmotivated.

According to this view, motivation differs depending on the individual, and it is the manager’s responsibility to understand their team’s requirements and motivators. There are, nonetheless, certain similarities in employee motivation. A study found that 64% of the employees surveyed perceived prospective encouragement and recognition as motivators. Managers can recognize their employees through strategically planned (and fun) team-building activities and subsequently motivate them.

Ideas & Activities To Motivate Your Team

1. Game Show Activities

It’s incredible how a famous game show can be turned into a fun staff engagement activity. Game shows, such as axe-throwing, Jeopardy, Bingo, or Trivia, are great ways to get your team members to collaborate. These games are great to acknowledge your team if shared social experiences inspire them. If you are scouting the perfect place for Corporate Team Building Events in Coeur d’Aleneget in touch with us at Jumping Jackalope to book your slots. 

2. Volunteer Together

Consider having a day off to bond, boost morale, and make a difference in the lives of others. This year, there are various ways to give back, whether you choose to fundraise as a group for a common cause, spend a day helping at a soup kitchen, or donate products to people in need. 

Consider a Charity Bike Build if you want a more sociable experience that allows your team to give back. As your team works together to build a bike donated to a local children’s group, this exercise fosters collaboration.

3. Give Your Team A Thrill

Some teams will thrive on adrenaline-pumping activities like go-karting, scuba diving, or zip-lining. Mountain climbing, surfing, rafting, and bungee jumping are other exciting sports to consider. While these events might be costly, they are an excellent opportunity to recognize and reward your employees. However, you can take your team for a thrilling Axe throwing competition on the weekend. Axe throwing not only brings out your most adventurous side but also allows you to vent it out in a healthy way. If scouting the best place for CDA Team Building Activitiesget in touch with us. 

4. Solve a Problem as a Team

Make up a fictitious problem that has to be solved. Whether it’s a design, a mystery, or a mental challenge, it’s up to you. On a large sheet of paper, have your team brainstorm a concept. It’s fine if you only say a sentence or two. The document should then be passed to the person on the left. 

Have the person come up with a new solution using that new thought. See what they come up with after a few rounds. This will demonstrate to your team that everyone’s contribution is valued. It requires your team to collaborate to solve a problem and generate ideas.

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