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How Can One Renovate a Small Closet to Keep It More Organised?

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A well-designed home has spaces that are invisible to the eye.

However, arranging everything in an organised and aesthetically pleasing way and having a small closet is a little challenging.

Many individuals seek and explore different ideas to make their closet functional but owing to the size. Many find it impossible.

But the good news is- one can turn even the smallest closet into a fantasy. Yes, you can make a small closet functional and manageable.

The article talks about the innovative and expert ideas to declutter your closet and organise it.

10 Tips for remodelling your closet simply and efficiently

One can easily design a space of their own by renovating their closet. But expert tips help get the refined aesthetics that complement the whole space. If your home improvement goals include remodelling the closet, these ideas will surely help.

1)      Define your plan

Before exploring the designs and choosing the colour, analyse your existing closet and note the possible changes you would like to make. If needed, you can explore the closet trends. A well-manageable closet depends on a few major parameters:

  • Space you have
  • Budget
  • Things you plan to store

You can re-deign the closet basing these critical parameters. Analyzing every aspect is critical before using a 5000 loan bad credit no guarantor direct lender. Practice elimination. Take out things from your closet that you no longer want there.

Analyse your lifestyle and apparel choice to define whether you need small storing places or tall hanging spaces in the wardrobe. Decide the closet rods, shelf colours and material. Analysing things will help you plan the complete renovation project and calculate the estimated costs.

2)      Make the best use of existing features

Analyse the existing features of your closet that lend it an aesthetic turn. There are some features that one doesn’t want to get rid of. If you have slanted ceilings, do not let them become an obstacle in your path to a highly-functional wardrobe.

You can use the ceiling to have an aesthetically-pleasing slider. It is especially beneficial when you have separate sections. Moreover, the shelves crowning the hanging rods provide the needed storage for handbags and clutches.

3)      Find creative ways for extra storage

When one plans to re-develop a small closet, focus on how you can expand the space. Can you increase the closet space by removing the divider? In this, you can store specially-designed boxes that only add ecstasy to your closet.

The front drop boxes help keep handbags safe and dust-free. It gives you additional space for keeping jewellery or folded apparel above. It is one of the smartest ways to make the best use of space and ensure minimalism.

4)      Determine the right usage of doors

In a small closet, even the smallest space matters. Thus, while designing your closet, analyse the best usage of closet doors. You can create sections to store your daily essentials like hats, makeup accessories, bracelets, etc. It will not only make your things easier to use but also help you discover and utilise nooks and crannies in your closet.

While doing so, be mindful that you should not keep the doors heavy. Else it could impact the complete balance of your wardrobe. This thing requires expertise. Balancing the aesthetics is indeed an art, and thus, ensuring the correct measurements to create neatly-divided shelves should be the priority.

5)      Use clear bins for heels and shoes

One tosses away the shoes after having a long day at work. The point of having a closet and re-design it is to keep the floor shoe-free. Stacking shoes on top of each other will help you manage maximum things in minimal space.

Having sorted space for shoes will eliminate the need for digging into the closet to find the matching ones for your attire.

If you love your show collection and are quite enthusiastic about it, you can amplify the space by adding lighting or creating a decorative piece of art. Keeping the shoes near a dressing table impacts the whole ambience of the room. Thus, having a defined- space lends your closet a personality.

6)      Use Stacking Bins

The closet should represent the best of everything and not everything. Yes, if you have a few pieces that you use and love the most, you can use stacking bins. It is not necessary to hang clothes every time. If it lends your closet a neat look, it’s cool. Otherwise, stacking bins can help you store apparel better. Consider things that can be folded easily and stored in a stacking bin comfortably.

7)      Pare down items

There are some things that one hardly uses or has not used for years.

For example, if you have been holding on to a pair of shoes that were your favourite in class 11th, it’s time to bid adieu to them. Yes, some things are close to the heart, and one finds it hard to let go of such things. But one thought can make you re-think your perspective- Would it be helpful to someone else?

Yes, people are sharing more requirements for certain things than you. Thus, you can either donate the things or put them up for sale. Decluttering your closet and having only items you use often will help you use your time and money aptly.

You can make it a habit to declutter your clothes every 3 months. Analyse apparels that align with your choices no more and sell or donate it. Doing so will help you keep your closet neat and organised.

8)      Add lighting

Apart from ensuring a clean and tidy wardrobe, complementing the nooks with lightening bulbs is indeed a good idea. Multiple times, one encounters difficulty in figuring out the apparel or matching accessories in the absence of proper light.  “What’s the point of re-designing a wardrobe beautifully when you can’t adore it every second?”

It is not only easy to find things in a lighted closet, but it adds a charming element as well. You can use rechargeable LED motion-activated light. Do not rely solely on the overhead light. Rechargeable bulbs do the job wonderfully. You have to plug in the charge and ensure a strong backup.

9)      Placing furniture in a minor closet

Yes, you might share excitement to know how but first, you need to realize the space you have to rationalise the idea. If you are planning to use any of the points above, then align those well with the idea of having build-up furniture in the closet.

A small walk-in closet design requires installing the right drawers. It should go well with the built-in frameworks housing different shelves. You can use these for keeping accessories or other important things that one needs to keep handy. In other compartments, you can keep jackets and party dresses on double rods. A clear vessel sitting atop of a dresser is all one shares fantasy for.

10)   Please the closet’s aesthetics

In the end, a closet should reflect the picture behind your thoughts. You can use the best DIY closet designing ideas like painting the interiors or using wallpapers to cover the closet walls.

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You can maximize the available space and make every move an innovation-bound one while re-designing your closet. It will help you organize things well and fetch easily.

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