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Great Places for Stargazing in Turkiye

by Abdullah12

Turkiye is one of the lands with many spots where you can witness stargaze. To witness a stargaze, you need to have 3 things. Firstly you should have a place where there is no population nearby. This is because you need to have complete darkness to witness it. Secondly, the place should be on a high land so that you can have a clear and near view of the scenario. Lastly, the place where you are going to witness the stargaze should be surrounded by the natural beauty so that your view isn’t blocked by any building.
Turkiye fulfills every of this requirement. They have infinite spots for you to witness this stargaze. In this article we have short listed few of the amazing sites where you can go to witness the stargaze.

1- Melikler Yaylası, Isparta:

Keeping in mind all those requirements, the research was done to find about the darkest hill in Turkiye. That is when people came to know about this yayla (plateau) in the region of Isparta. You can camp on the hillside and spent your night there. Nearby the place there are no buildings, only natural beauty. This makes you have a better look also at the sky. There is a small village where you can go hiking and mount baking as well.

2- Olympos, Antalya:

The place is near the Mediterranean beautifully surrounded by the olympos tree houses and camp houses. They are perfect for star gazing. This is why every year a festival is arranged for people to come and experience the sky full of stars. Tourist from around the world visit Antalya to see this breath taking view.

3- Saklıkent, Antalya:

TUBITAK‘s telescope from their observatory is positioned here at 2,550 meters excessive in Bakırtepe. This spot has the best remark situations anywhere within the place, and certainly is absolutely global magnificence. There are many camping spots all around the area and it is even surrounded fantastically nearby with more residential regions you could live at a brief force away.

4- Palandöken, Erzurum:

This mountain is 3,176 meters excessive, with no woodland making it actually the best place, top and weather for stargazing. Set up your tents on the wide flat mountains or even stay inside the metropolis middle 10 mins far away from the mountain. It’s one of the coldest spots anywhere within the place so don’t forget to carry your blankets and coats as you recognize the magnificence of the night time sky!

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