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Fashion Impact On Youth

by theleatherz
Fashion Impact On Youth

Fashion is somewhat trailed by majority, it is a widespread aesthetic expression where one states her or himself through clothing, accessories, makeup and  lifestyle. Fashion elevates way of life and contributes a liberty, to express  individually. It may lead to a modified and strong character only, if it doesn’t cross  boundaries. Fashion plays a vital influence on society, people follow trends that  excite them, and it is significant as it has potential to bring revolution. Fashion has  a very straight and robust impact on youth in every time since it’s a reflection of  what mindset youth have, what believes they follow and what they are actually. Unlikely in earlier days, when fashion was supposed to carry on occasionally but  as time passes, it has become a day-to-day trend with considerable effect on  every individual, exclusively on youth. Impact of Fashion on youth, considering an  individual age of 15 to 25 is dominant in this era where anything is just a click  away and can easily modify a person in no time. This impact comes with pros and  cons both along with, different standpoints of society; few are deliberated within  the frame of broader angles. 

How does the Enchantment of media/social media work on youth through  fashion? 

Media and sources of social media have a spell in them through which any person  can be cast easily and especially the young learners. The rapid emergence of  media in fashion has a bigger and speedy impact on youth as they are in a  constant connected medium. Youth is highly involved in media these days as  there are swift exposures and awareness of social media on young people. The glamorous picture of social media makes young people to follow the fashion that  is not so fit for them or for their ages. Media platforms cause craving to buy  unnecessary among youth that can lead to adverse impacts such as crime,  depression, lack of focus, low self-esteem, thus losing an identity. Teens are easily  admired by celebrities with what they present on media and celebrities portray  new trends in fashion world, if followed with proper approach, these trends setting of acknowledged persons can benefit youth to adapt up-to-the-minute 

fashion to bring positivity, confidence and a progressive approach towards life. The Leatherz proposes wide array of budget friendly and modest trends inspired  by well-known persons around. Teenage is a phase of attention seeking where  one desire to redo what he/she sees at media and social media platforms. Media  can be a strong helping hand to youth for developing their image, sense of  belonging to society and having an independent approach towards life. 

Appropriate regulations by elders (i.e. parents, teachers, guardians, supervisors)  towards a controlled fashion adaptation, give a healthy, fashionable and  confident youth to society that are focused and progressive in their lives. 

Social pressure 

Young age is a tender phase where rate of adaptability is higher and every young  individual wants to get attention in society that can tend to society pressure on a  young person. Lifestyles are change in cultures and regions, and dressing states  our belonging to specific area, when youth feels pressured by anything in specific  which does not fit with their lifestyles, it causes damage to their mental health. 

Becoming copy cat 

In the competition of following fashion trends blindly, one can lose his or her  identity as an individual, and in race of this rapid changing fashion trends one can  easily lose grip on her or his individuality. Where fashion can be taken as a tool to boost lifestyles, this undesirable impression of copying anyone that’s not even  suitable for you can produce wrong impacts. 

Losing control over body and mental health 

It’s true that fashion industry tries its best to capture the hearts and minds of  every person and specifically youth, that put influential control on behavior of  youth towards their mental state, body & values besides clothing. Health, either  physical or mental is directly influenced by fashion. Being trendy is a good  approach to express yourself in a society, be independent, confident and getting a  focused life ahead, whereas, if boundaries are not set to adapt fashion within  limits, it may lead to lose control over your body and your overall health resulting  in low self-esteem. Craving to get an inspired body look from any celebrity can 

cause improper eating habits and then distress. Brands that come with big  budgets transfer anxiety, despair and agitation among youngsters. Sometimes  they are so eager to get what they see and desire by hook or by crook that it may  lead to dangerous results like stealing and other crimes.  


Fashion, taking as a key for self enhancement could be advantageous for young  people to stand with firm, expressive and positive persona. Whereas, obsession of  fashion with unnecessary means may direct a path to negative impact on youth as  they hook things fast. Majority of teens are not even aware of the influence of  fashion trends they come beneath. In the crucial phase of youth where, they are  considered as the foundation of society & underlying factors of development and  progress of nation, they must learn to adapt fashion as a tool for upgrading and  should know when & where to stop. To an extent, obligation lies on the shoulders  of elders to portray and communicate with young generation about dos and  don’ts of styling. After all, anything exaggerates can never be healthy either for  body or for mental wellbeing. It is virtuous to carry your style adapted by latest  trends but not to get preoccupied with it.

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