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Every Thing You Need to Know About Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailers

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flatbed trailers

Transporting goods on flatbed trailers opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for anyone looking to transport a wide variety of items safely and securely. First, we’ll go over the fundamentals of flatbed trailer trucking and why you should think about using one for your subsequent transportation request in this section. Then keep reading to find out everything you need to know about flatbed trailers for rent and transportation services!

What exactly is a flatbed trailer?

Flatbed trailer transport is the term used to describe the process of transporting various types of freight or equipment on a flatbed trailer. Flatbed trailers are a type of heavy hauler transport commonly used to transport wide loads, oversized equipment, machinery, and bulk cargo. They are also used to transport hazardous materials. They are constructed of heavy-duty steel and frequently have multiple axles to ensure the safe transportation of heavy loads. As a result of their flat nature and open sides, flatbed trailers are among the most common types of trailers used in heavy hauling and oversize load shipping. Flatbed trailers are box trailers with no sides, doors, or roof to speak of. The trailers are bare platforms with lengths ranging from 20ft to 40ft, 48ft to 53ft. These platforms are frequently used to store cargo containers of all sizes in a secure environment.

There are three primary types of flatbed trailers.

Trailers with standard dimensions are available.

Flatbed trailers of the standard variety have already been mentioned. Other than traditional flatbed platforms, which were discussed in the preceding section, there are various flatbed trailer options available, each with its own set of advantages. There are 14 different flatbed trucks, and we’ll go over the most common ones in this section.

Trailers with drop-down decks are available.

Generally speaking, single drop-deck trailers are simply flatbeds with a bed that can be lowered to provide an additional 2 feet of overhead clearance when necessary. On the other hand, double-drop-deck trailers have a central portion that is even smaller, giving you even more options when transporting tall items. Although double-drop-deck trailers are more suitable for overlength heavy equipment transport, their shorter usable trailer length of approximately 29ft makes them less ideal for this application.

Trailers that are longer

Flatbed trailers can have their usable length nearly doubled by using extended trailers. The use of an extended trailer may be the most appropriate solution when your heavy equipment load is too long to fit on a standard 40ft trailer. Some flatbed trailers can be extended to 80 feet in length, but this reduces the number of available travel routes when hauling a flatbed trailer and frequently necessitate additional travel permits.

Abstract: Flatbed trailer hauling is an industry that offers tremendous flexibility to anyone who needs to transport large machinery or equipment. Flatbed transport can accommodate a variety of shipping container sizes, but it can also be used to transport heavy machinery of all types using any available mode of transportation. For example, flatbed trucking is frequently used to tow large agricultural machinery, haul heavy-duty construction equipment, and ship large quantities of bulk goods. Furthermore, because it does not necessitate a loading dock, flatbed trailer trucking is the preferred method of transportation for many destinations that do not have adequate loading facilities.

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