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Effective Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

by jamesbondz

Erectile dysfunction(ED) is a pair of words that evoke fear in the minds of all men. Although it’s true that society tends to put too over focus on the erect genital in a variety of aspects, but it’s the case that ED can cause issues that affect a man’s enjoyment sexual intimacy and impact his relationships with sexual partners in numerous ways. ED is among the most serious health concerns related to penis that men can confront but Vidalista help to you for solution of Erectile dysfunction. What diagnostic tests are used to determine if a person has ED (and possibly give an ER doctor a bit more details)?

It is a frequent reference

Erectile dysfunction(ED) can be a condition that occurs frequently. According to some estimates, as much as 30,000,000 males suffer from ED and 50% of those older than 40 afflicted to some extent. (As as high as 15 % of males who are over 70 are considered to have total ED.)

Keeping an erection during the midst of a sexual encounter. Due to this, it could be a bit odd that diagnostic tests are require to detect.

Diagnose tests

The first step will nearly always include reviewing the medical history of a patient.

In addition to asking questions about sexual health and health issues with penis.

Usually, a variety of tests that are routine will be suggest, which could include:

  • Blood test

Urine test

  • Serum creatinine test
  • Test for Glucose
  • Testosterone test

Prolactin test

  • Digital rectal exam

This could inform the doctor about the physical conditions that could contribute to erectile dysfunction Solution is Vidalista Pill.

Other tests that could be included in the tests could include:

– IIEF Questionnaire. The International Index of Erectile Function utilizes the answers to the questions to determine the function using Malegra 100 Mg of erectile and orgasmic and libido levels, as well as intercourse satisfaction and general satisfaction.

the NPTS. The Nocturnal Penis Tumescence Study investigates whether the man has sexual erections during sleep and, if yes, how many. This may assist a doctor if you know that a man has the potential to have sexual erections (as shown by NPTS) however.

He is not experiencing sexually in any way.

The Penile Electromyogram

The smooth muscle of the penis is vital for healthy erections and this test is a way to assess the electrical activity of the muscle.

Psychological Examining

Often erectile function problems have psychological causes as a primary reason. (In some cases they could be the primary reason.) Stress, depression or other problems are all factors in the way that the penis functions (or does not perform) it’s solve by Vidalista Pill.

Neurologic Evaluations

There are a range of tests that could be utiliz to determine if neurologic damage could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. They include tests that use color Doppler ultrasound test.

That generates images of penile vessels in the pharmacologic cavernosometry tests for cavernosography.

Which look for leaks coming from penile veins; or combination of intracavernous injections and stimulation test that makes use of penile injections in order create an erection.

The information gathered through these tests may help to pinpoint the likely causes of erectile dysfunction and help a doctor better advise on the best treatment.


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