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Different Types of Cardboard Custom Display Boxes

Custom Display Boxes come in a variety of styles and materials.

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Custom Display Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard and Kraft cardstock are two of the most common materials used to manufacture cardboard display boxes. But, you can choose from other materials as well, such as UV-coated cardboard, Bux board, or Rigid stock. Learn more about the different types of materials and how they differ in their aesthetic value. You can also choose from different finishing options, such as embossing, matte or gloss lamination, or UV coating.

Custom Display Boxes Corrugated cardboard

In the retail sector, corrugated cardboard display boxes offer many advantages. They can be used to catch the eye of potential customers, especially in high-traffic areas near the point of sale. To make your retail displays more eye-catching, you should remove your products from their original packaging. This will allow customers to see your products in their most natural light. Corrugated cardboard also has a warmer feel, which makes it more inviting for people to approach.

When shopping for product displays, you must choose the ones that are easy to assemble. A display that requires too much time to assemble is a likely rushed project. The last thing you need is to spend time constructing an ineffective display. Corrugated displays are inexpensive and easy to assemble, so you can change the design and style quickly. They’re also ideal for testing new products and sales strategies. These boxes will make the right impact when paired with a great sales pitch.

Kraft cardstock

When choosing Cardboard Display boxes, a solid cardboard stock such as Kraft is a great choice. Not only does it look great and feel sturdy, but it’s also more durable and allows for greater printing capabilities. With the ability to print a variety of images, logos, and patterns, a box made of Kraft can help you brand and market your products. And, because Kraft is so sturdy, your boxes won’t warp or tear.

A kraft sleeve is another option for packaging. This type of packaging has openings on both sides to slide over the product. Two-piece kraft boxes consist of a lid and a bottom tray. A lid fits over the sleeve, holding the two pieces together. This type of packaging is sturdy, thanks to the walls of the lid and tray, creating double resistance against bending and breaking. You can add an insert if necessary to help the product stay upright during shipping.

Rigid stock

Rigid stock Custom Display Boxes come in a variety of styles and materials. Whether your product is for a store or a retail outlet, there’s a rigid box to fit its needs. Custom rigid boxes are available in a range of styles and materials, including matte and glossy finishes. Some rigid boxes have die-cut foam inserts, notch cutouts, ribbon pulls, and even game instructions. These boxes can also be finished with your company’s logo, matte or glossy lamination, or embossing.

Rigid boxes are strong and won’t deform easily, making them ideal for high-end, heavier-weight products. They can also be designed to look like hat boxes, shoes, or briefcase-style designs. Whatever the case, rigid boxes are strong, durable, and elegant and will make your products look their best! They’ll protect your products at any cost

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