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Custom Tea Boxes – Design Options

by isabella_j1

You can customize Custom Tea Boxes for your customers and guests in a variety of ways. From sizes to materials to printing and design, there is a wide variety of options available. Learn more about your design options by reading our article below. We’ll discuss the most popular options for Custom Tea Boxes, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. And don’t forget to check out our gallery to see our latest projects!


If you want to add a personal touch to your custom tea box, you should choose a material that will stand up to the test of time. Cardboard and kraft materials are eco-friendly, solid, and recyclable. Additionally, these materials will provide protection for your tea bags. While they are inexpensive, they do provide a nice layer of protection for your products. For instance, if your product is made from tea, consider using boxes that have a window so that customers can see the tea inside. This will increase the likelihood of customer attraction.

Corrugated and rigid materials are the two most common choices when it comes to custom tea boxes. These materials are made of multiple layers of paper to protect your tea while shipping it. They are both durable and sturdy and will keep your tea products fresh for longer. In addition, they will increase the profits of your company. These three types of materials can be incorporated into your custom tea box design to give your products the premium look they deserve.


Custom tea boxes are designed to be attractive and functional. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They don’t take up a lot of space. Custom tea boxes can be made in any shape and size, including rectangular, square and even rectangular. Some are even laminated to help keep out moisture and odors. Custom tea boxes are also available in various colors and can be printed with graphics or text.

To get an accurate idea of the size you need, try to calculate the number of tea bags you plan to pack. You can enter the numbers in an online tool to get a general idea of the size of the box. Also, remember to choose sturdy cardstock for the interior. Thicker cardstock is preferable for heavier items, but 14 pt. is the standard for smaller items. Generally, a custom tea box should be approximately 12 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.

Printing options

There are several printing options for custom tea boxes. You can choose from different types of cardstock, including 24 pt. cardstock and more. If you’re printing for a tea brand, most companies will require high-quality printing on eco-friendly materials. High-quality printing can add flair to your design and increase its visibility among your target audience. Here are a few ways to increase the visual appeal of your custom tea boxes.

Custom tea boxes are a great marketing tool. They can be custom styled in various ways, including using a variety of different colors and textures. Many custom box manufacturers offer many different printing styles and colors, allowing you to create a tea box that matches your brand image and budget. These tea boxes will keep your product in your customer’s hands and in their memories. Choose a style that suits your brand’s image and budget to make your tea boxes stand out.

Design options

If you are considering customizing your tea box, you can choose the color, finish, and typography to suit your preferences. You can even opt for an aqueous coating on the box to protect the tea from environmental elements. Moreover, you can choose to have your brand name or logo imprinted on the box. With so many design options available, you can get the box you want without breaking the bank. Here are a few design options to consider when making your custom tea box.

A minimalist approach is the most effective, but you can also use more than two styles if you prefer. The important thing is that the design remains balanced and legible. Choose a style that suits your company and conveys your values. You can also try calligraphy, which can set the tone between classic and modern designs. While using calligraphy on your tea box is not recommended, it can set the tone for your brand.

Brand identity expression

A unique design for custom tea packaging can tell a story. Unlike other types of packaging, tea comes in a tangible package that the consumer can see and touch. Using a custom design for tea packaging gives you the opportunity to emphasize your brand’s direction and reveal a unique story about the forest’s trees. Here are some tips for designing custom tea boxes that tell a story:

Color-coding is another option for branding your custom tea packaging. Some companies color-code their teas to match the style and flavour. For example, a green tea package might be accompanied by a white box. Black tea, on the other hand, would be enclosed in a black tea box. Alternatively, a tea company can brand individual tea bags so that they resemble a rainbow when opened. Regardless of the style of the tea packaging, it’s a good idea to create a consistent brand identity and brand voice.

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