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Canada’s Leading Athletic Apparel Wholesaler

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Athletic Apparel

No matter what sport you play, here at SportMart, we have wholesale athletic wear canada that will give you the best of both worlds; High-quality products made from dependable materials, and prices that even the smallest of businesses can afford to buy from. That’s why we’re Canada’s leading wholesaler of athletic apparel for all sports, and why our competitors haven’t been able to topple us yet. If you want to make your sporting goods store the best it can be, check out our product line today!

Why Athleisure Is Taking Over

For retailers, sports apparel was a big business even before it became a preferred outfit of every day. The top 50 wholesalers in North America generated approximately $8 billion USD in sales during 2014, and that figure is expected to increase year-over-year by an average of six percent. With more consumers than ever buying athletic apparel in Canada, one factor is especially driving retail: athleisure.

Consumers want clothing that can do double duty for both their workouts and their everyday activities; and what better example than lounging around? But just how popular are athletic clothes in Canada?

Do you know where to buy wholesale swimwear suppliers canada or wholesale athletic clothing? You may be surprised at how readily available such products have become with the advent of online shopping options like eBay.

What Makes Women Buy Leggings Online?

For starters, leggings are popular as they’re versatile. And while casual wear is what typically comes to mind when people think of leggings, they have become a popular workout attire and even women’s business attire over time. Today, women buy leggings online for all sorts of reasons:

Keep their workout essentials at hand, and save both time and money by shopping smartly online with renowned wholesale swimwear suppliers. Leggings fit comfortably under any top or shirt, so you’re free to mix them up with an array of items that you already own.

They also provide comfort during workouts, which is why many women prefer them to other types of athletic apparel. But most importantly, they’re extremely affordable—and there are plenty of ways to get great deals on them.

With wholesale athletic clothing from trusted retailers like West 49 Sports, you can get your favorite pair for less than $10 per pair! This means it makes sense to stock up on several pairs in different colors and patterns so that you always have options ready when you need them.

You might also want to take advantage of frequent discounts on bulk orders. You can find these special offers listed alongside each product page on our site (see above). In addition, we offer wholesale prices on other kinds of apparel too including sports bras and shorts!

The Best Brands to Consider

So you’ve decided to import athletic apparel from overseas, eh? Now what? The reality is that trying to identify top brands and suppliers can be an intimidating task.

Chances are if you’re considering importing kids’ clothing into Canada, it’s because you want to stand out from your competitors.

And when it comes to establishing a name for yourself in today’s increasingly saturated sports market, the brand selection is critical.

Today, there are a number of companies out there selling wholesale swimwear; however, only those who have done their research will succeed. Thankfully for you, we have done that research and can help steer your brand selection in just the right direction.

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