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Can You Move Channels Between Teams? – Explained In Detail

by Aditya29

Several users around the world use the teams application in their daily life but one thing that every user might ask is “can you move channels between teams?” The answer to this question is “YES”, users can migrate channels between teams. With the help of this article, we will explain the solution for this perform the channel migration task.

Firstly, let’s understand why we need to execute this channel migration process.

Why is Moving Channels Between Teams Required?

There can be various reasons behind this. But one of the situations that we have seen is when a firm has a ton of data. And they want to increase their storage space so that the firm can store and share more data seamlessly.

Due to this reason organizations requires to move channels from one team to another. In this situation, Microsoft does not provide any kind of support or any solution for moving channels between teams. However, using a tool can help organizations to migrate their channels data.

At present, there is no manual solution available. Then what should a user do to complete this task?

Well, fortunately, there is a solution for this question “can you move channels between teams?”. And in the next section, we will be explaining the most reliable method to execute this process of channel migration in MS teams.

Most Recommended Tool Which Helps in Moving Channels Between Teams

Using this method, it will become easy for the users or an organization to execute the process of migration. With the help of the Most Advanced Microsoft Teams Migration Tool. Which is able to move multiple teams data or channels to another.

Execute the tool’s steps properly as mentioned below.

Install and run the Teams Migrator software on your local system, then select both Source and Destination as Office 365.

In the workload section, mark the checkbox of Teams and groups to migrate, then press the Next button.

Type the credentials like admin email ID and application ID, then select the validate button to complete the validation step.

Now In the Destination window, type the Destination account credentials and hit on validate button.

Inside the resource, the users can add the users from the source account that requires to migrate. By using Fetch users, Import Users, Download template.

Now users need to do mapping between source and destination by entering destinations emails where the user wants to migrate.

Now, press the Validate button to validate the permissions.

Note– It is mandatory to validate the users for teams migration.

Now navigate to Resource Tab>> Teams screen. And add the teams using different ways for example Using fetch Users, Import Users and download template (importing a CSV file).

Now users need to map the source teams with the destination teams. Give a team name else the software will automatically generate a teams name as per the source name.

Now validate the permissions by hitting on the Validate button. Which will help users in moving channels between teams.

After successful validation, press the Start Migration button to initiate the teams channel migration between teams.

After following all the steps sequentially, users get the answer of “can you move channels between teams?”.

Advanced Options of This Utility

Using these smart Options, users can migrate their teams data again.

Retry Failed Items – Is used to move data that didn’t get migrated.

Re-Run Full Migration – To initiate the entire migration process.

Delta Migration – It enables to migration of those data which has newly arrived.

By using these options, the user can get another chance of moving channels between teams. It does not require starting from the beginning by executing all the steps again.

 Rich Features of the Above-Mentioned Utility

This tool offers some of the best features which are:

  • Able to Move Microsoft Teams, Groups, channels, channel chats and Files.
  • Maintains the structure of the folder and File timestamps which are created and last modified.
  • This tool supports all O365 subscription plans.
  • Enable the Delta migration features to move newly arrived data from the sourcing team.
  • Provides the facility to import CSV files to map source and destination users, teams and groups.
  • Supports Windows 10(64 bit) and windows server versions 2012 and 2016.
  • The tool supports moving different types of teams like Private, Public, and organization.


In this write-up, we have discussed the answer to the question can you move channels between teams?”. In the current situation, we don’t have any manual solution to move the channels between the teams. To provide the best solution, we have explained the automated method to complete the migration process without losing any data.

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