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Can You Actually Use Smoothies to Build Muscle?

by sophiajames

If you’ve ever followed a training regimen to gain more muscle, you’ve probably fallen down the “eat more protein” rabbit hole. I simply refer to it by this name since there are numerous approaches to consuming more protein, as well as numerous schools of thought regarding how to do so.

People frequently turn to protein shakes from health and nutrition stores as their first choice. These are often large, bulky packets of powder that must be mixed with the person’s preferred milk and consumed one to three times each day.

It initially doesn’t seem like a big deal, and some of them can really taste very good. But after a while, most individuals become weary of downing these unappetizing beverages. They begin switching brands, then flavors, until the sobering realization that they are all essentially the same hits them.


It is understood that if you are a professional bodybuilder, a smoothie will not provide you with the high quantities of protein you require. However, if you are lifting weights and wanting to gain muscle, you should be able to obtain enough protein from a smoothie when it is added to a diet that is already rich in protein from different meats.

Choice 1

A scoop of your power can be easily added to your preferred fruit smoothie. You won’t notice the scoop because it will blend in with the mixture, and you’ll mostly taste lovely fresh fruit.

Choice 2

You can make a smoothie with additional vegetables high in protein, such as kale, spinach, or even avocado. It’s not always necessary for protein to originate from animals. How do you suppose muscular growth occurs in herbivores?

Smoothies in the OBX with added protein are available at your local favorite smoothie bar. The following recipes can be used if you are creating the smoothie yourself.

Smoothie High in Protein

Fruit smoothies can help with things like carbs and instant energy but to build muscle you will need protein smoothies.

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