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Book Appu Ghar Oyster Beach water park ticket at Sector 29 Gurgaon

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Appu Ghar Oysters Beach Water Park is located in Gurgaon’s Sector 29. This journey would be ideal for relaxing and staying cool on a hot summer day. Artificially created waves of a reasonable size, similar to those found in the ocean. WHIRLWIND (Open Float Slide) –  A float slide with twists , turns and drops that gives you the feeling of riding on an open float, It allows guests to compete against one another in a thrilling and entertaining race.

The Appughar water park has something for everyone whether, you’re searching for a quiet afternoon by the water or a high-flying state-of-the-art water ride.

Skyfall – If you want high and steep water coasters and are willing to go to any extent to obtain your thrills, SKYFALL is the ride for you. It will be completed On the third countdown, the trapdoor opens and you are dropped at 60 km/h for 5 seconds, causing you to splash into the pool. The riders are swept off their feet as they fall into a splash of water on this Body Ride. If you do not want your photo to be posted or if you do not want a photo to be added, please send us a message.

CRUISER – This ride’s strong visual and spectator appeal keeps people coming back for more.

LAZY RIVER — If you don’t enjoy going crazy, the lazy river is the ride for you. It’s a must-do for anyone visiting OYSTERS.

MONSOON MANIA – Enjoy the splashes of water on your head in the rain dance area and feel alive while dancing on your feet with your loved ones to rocking music.

DANCING DROPS — An immensely popular attraction, interactive water fountains feature dancing water jets for people to enjoy and play with.

WATER KEYS – This fountain is more than a piano several spray jets give the impression of rich control over the keyboard notes. This journey will make you fall in love. We have banquet facilities that are perfectly themed. We can handle everything from a group lunch or meeting to a large conference, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, exhibitions or banquets, Live Concerts, or any special occasion with great catering and hospitality services, with capacities for up to 2,000 guests and expansive venues.

Water Park’s Main Attractions:

Aqua Loop also known as OMG – OH MY GURGAON, involves being dropped from a near vertical height of 20 metres, and looped into a slide where you will go from 0 to 2.5G in two seconds before coming to a crashing end. It’s a great spot for individuals of all ages to have a good time. A high-speed mat racer that takes riders across water lanes is the 04 Lane Racer Ride.

Cool down in the personalized swimming pool as the summer temperatures rise.

The beach-themed water park which spans 10 acres features 15 never-before-seen, iconic rides that are unique to India and only a few in the globe!

Appughar delivers extraordinary events, experiences, and places that delight and inspire people to create stronger communities.

TORPEDO – This ride has a higher level of entertainment value. With a 90-foot free fall plunge, the NATION’S craziest water rollercoaster awaits you.

Rapid Racer – This is the race you don’t want to lose against your buddies.

THUNDERSTORM – a new attraction that will feature a floating slide with twists, turns, and drops that will give you the thrill of riding on a closed float.

The tallest water ride in India was certified and featured in the Limca Book of Records in 2014. As you slide down the ride and into the big pool, the grins return in a flash.

CRAZY RIVER is a 200-meter-long water coaster that will be one of the primary new attractions in Gurugram’s Appughar.

The ultimate water slide adventure is the PlayStation, often known as PIRATE STATION! You’ll rip down and splash into the pool water thanks to a 16 platform station.

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