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Best Breakfast of Your Life – Top Restaurants in Vancouver to Visit

by Pür & Simple

Vancouver will never leave you wanting when it comes to high-quality breakfast meals. You will be hard-pressed to find just one breakfast restaurant in Vancouver as your favorite. You’re bound to find many favorites that you will frequent for Brunch in Vancouver.

If you are looking for a breakfast restaurant in Vancouver that will deliver the best meals, here are some of the ones you should go to:

1. Pur & Simple

This restaurant is a favorite amongst breakfast aficionados because of its many classic breakfast offerings. If you are craving something sweet, go ahead and sample their assortment of pancakes. You will never come across a finer selection of pancakes. Their buttermilk pancake, with batter prepared in-house, comes in flavors such as red velvet, Reese’s, Carole’s Cinna-Cakes, chocoholic, or triple berry.

Don’t forget to try their artisanal French toast as well. Go for a classic French toast topped with cream and seasonal fruits. Try something loaded with fresh bananas, whipped cream, and hazelnut chocolate. Their French toast crisp is also a crowd favorite. It has a nice crispy texture thanks to its additional breading.

Their waffles are also a must-have. Try their chicken ‘n’ waffle if you want something with protein. And speaking of protein sources, their breakfast handhelds should also offer the same sustenance and more. You will be spoiled with choices if you give this restaurant a try.

2. Café Medina

This restaurant serves some of the most amazing Mediterranean-inspired meals. Coupled with a charming interior, it’s a good place to spend your morning in. One to try is their Belgian waffles. Partner it with coffee. They make great coffee in this place. You can also try their Coca. People like to partner it with their flatbread cooked over a woodstone. Topped with goat cheese and vegetables like arugula, eggplant, and other greens, this is a healthy and filling breakfast.

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3. Catch 122

This restaurant is located in a building that has been around for more than a hundred years already. Many people go here for brunch not just because of their delicious food but also because of the interior and the ambiance. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free breakfasts for those with food sensitivities and specifications.

One to try is their pulled barbecue pork sandwich. It’s a filling sandwich to have for breakfast. Many people also recommend trying their chicken sandwich. If you are avoiding meat, you should go ahead and try their cauliflower Benny. It’s just as delicious as their non-vegetarian one.

Brunch in Vancouver has never been better, thanks to these restaurants that serve the most amazing dishes. So, make sure you give these a try when you are visiting. Save these spots on your next visit to Vancouver.

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