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Best 5 Tips For Tyre Care Plus Optimal On-Road Safety

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It is so simple to overlook that the tyres act as the only point of contact between the road and the automobile. That is why it’s crucial to keep them in the best conditions possible when driving on flat or even roads. Moreover, this is important when you drive a rented or privately owned automobile and don’t want to reduce safety, performance or comfort when driving.

We know how important it is for car owners to feel safe when driving on any road or weather, so below we have provided a blog that specially focuses on tyre related safety.

Knowing the right time to replace the old tyres

Unfortunately, car owners cannot simply purchase a new set of tyres and precisely know how long they will last. This is because a tyre is made up of different materials that affect its performance when driving. Moreover, how long the tyres Blackley will last majorly depends upon what weather you drive in, storage conditions or driving habits. Car owners need to get all the four tyres fitted on their vehicles regularly checked to detect any early signs of tyre damage. Although car owners should get the tyres replaced in 10-year intervals, they also should be replaced when you see signs of bulges, cracks or deep cuts on the sidewalls. You can also check the manufacture date recommended for tyre replacement.

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What is the proper tyre pressure to maintain?

The best air pressure for your tyres will depend on the automobile itself along with the load you carry as well as the weather condition. For example, if a car has a lot of weight due to luggage or passengers, then the tyres will need more pressure than usual when driving to maintain the overall performance. If you are unsure of how much tyre pressure should be in the tyres, then look inside the fuel filler cap, vehicle manufacturers manual or near the driver’s door area.

How to improve on-road control?

The rear wheels of a vehicle are not linked to the steering wheel, which makes it extremely difficult to judge how they will grip on the road when driving. Therefore, if you have old tyres and want improved grip without buying brand new four tyres, then buy 2 tyres and fit them on the rear end. This step will ensure you get better control during emergency braking, less chance of losing control of the automobile and enhanced road holding.

How to calculate the tread of a tyre?

The 20p test is the most common and simple test to measure the tread of the tyres. Take a 20p and start placing it between the grooves one by one on all the four tyres on your car. If the outer band of the 20p coin is obscured, then all the tyres on your car are above the legal limit and will deliver a safe drive.

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How to change a flat tyre and replace it with a spare one?

Car owners who drive daily will have to face the inevitable problem of a sudden blowout. In conditions like these, fitting the spare tyre becomes necessary to drive back to your home or to drive to the nearest repair centre. If you have never done it before, then keep in mind the steps mentioned below:

  • When replacing the flat tyre yourself, ensure there is no one inside the car.
  • Find a hard and flat spot where you are distant from moving traffic and comfortable to changing the tyre
  • Apply the handbrake and place the vehicle in park mode or in gear.
  • Remove the wheel cover, and then loosen the lug nuts using the tools provided by the car manufacturer. Note, just loosen the nuts, don’t try to remove them.
  • Place the car jack on a flat surface, underneath the jacking point. Check the vehicle manual if you don’t know the jacking point location.
  • Use the jack to lift until the tyres lift off the road. Then remove the nuts and pull the tyre outside.
  • Then, replace the punctured tyre with the spare tyre.
  • Then, place the wheel nuts but don’t tighten them yet.
  • Get the car jack down, then tighten the nuts and place the wheel cover back.
  • Then drive down to a tyre repair centre and get the punctured tyre repaired.

If the tyre is beyond repair because of any deep cut, then you will have to buy new tyres for your car.

Some popular brands include

  1. Bridgestone Tyres
  2. Michelin Tyres Blackley
  3. Continental Tyres
  4. Pirelli Tyres
  5. Hankook Tyres
  6. Dunlop Tyres

You can contact a well-known and reliable tyre provider to know more about Tyres


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