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Attractions in Chicago

by Manish Nigam

About Chicago

When local politicians make shenanigans, Chicago is my favorite place in the Union. It’s especially good in the summer when the weather is warm. Chicago’s most visited locations include its parks, particularly those featuring the iconic Chicago Bean sculpture. Many visitors love the gourmet steakhouses and popcorn joints of Chicago, as well as its popular nightlife and multitude of fun activities. Visitors of all ages will find plenty to do here. Ideal for every budget or travel style. I can’t rave about the city enough! This travel guide to Chicago can help you plan a fun and affordable trip without breaking the bank! Every year more than 2 million international tourists book cheap flights to Chicago to explore Chicago’s iconic sights and neighborhoods.

Top 5 Attractions in Chicago

1. Relax in Grant and Millennium Park

These large parks in the eastern part of town offer a great place to hang out with family or friends, have a picnic, or do other physical activity. The city has many open-air concerts in the summer months and chess often takes place when these parks are empty. Grant Park is the larger park, while Millennium Park is a small section of the much larger park. Officially known simply as Cloud Gate, the team leader for public art at Millennium Park is a must-see while in Chicago. The third Saturday of the month in April through November, Chicago Cultural Center offers free solo walking tours of the premises related to Cloud Gate.

2. Stroll down the Magnificent Mile

Nicknamed Magnificent Mile, this shopping district in northern Illinois is known for its luxury shops. In fact, luxury retail rent in the U.S. is second only to New York’s Fifth Avenue. Nicknamed Magnificent Mile, this shopping district in northern Illinois is known for its luxury shops. In fact, luxury retail rent in the U.S. is second only to New York’s Fifth Avenue.

3. Experience St. Patrick’s Day

Located in the Windy City, Chicago proves to be the perfect place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, one of the city’s most renowned celebrations. Throughout the year, the river flows a bright green, and the city invokes the festivities until dawn. Those that are lucky enough to be in Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day typically partake in the celebrations. The tradition of dyeing the Chicago River began on September 21, 1962, when a plumber’s labor union suggested it, claiming it was a harmless way to transform the clear water into a bright green to enable sailors to navigate the river at night. Each year since then, the union makes this claim in vain, refusing to disclose their secrets for a dye that is safe for the environment. Take a river cruise on the emerald waters or snap a pic from the sidelines and enjoy. This is one of the biggest days of the year here!

4. Have fun at Navy Pier

At a length of 3,300 feet (1,010 meters), this pier on the shore of Lake Michigan began as a shipping pier and has since functioned as a penitentiary for draft dodgers during World War II, a Navy training center, and a college annex. Since 1995, it has been open to the public in its current form. It has become like a carnival in the old city. It’s the second-most visited tourist attraction in Chicago after The Bean and contains lots of rides, a Ferris wheel, theme parks, entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, scenic boat tours and sailing, mini-golf, and more! It is an ideal place for family fun or for spending a silly afternoon.

5. Try deep dish pizza

In 1943, Pizzeria Uno created the world-famous deep-dish pizza, and no other part of the country is complete without including stuffed crust pizza. Lou Malnatis are considered by locals to be the quintessential Chicago pizza. Personally, I’m not usually a fan of deep dish, but I liked theirs! (To) A deep dish pizza tour in Chicago presented by Chicago Pizza Tours will take you through the style, and you’ll sample all the different types of deep dish pizza in this city. The cost is $49 USD.

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