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An expanding market for international software outsourcing is India. A substantial portion of the income of USD 191 billion in 2020 was caused by increased demand for infrastructure and cloud services. We are known as one of the world’s top suppliers of software development solutions, including SaaS, Fintech, and network security.

The tech sector in India has expanded significantly during the past five years at a rate of 7.5%, and is anticipated to expand much more rapidly in the years to come. By 2025, it is expected that India’s IT sector would have earned more than $300 billion in revenue.

Globally renowned for their ingenuity, ability to solve problems creatively, excellent knowledge of a range of both old and new technology, high levels of English proficiency, and most significantly, cost-effective services, India’s rising pool of engineers, software developers, and IT professionals.

Tech behemoths like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and others have made cities like Bangalore, Pune, Noida, Delhi-NCR, and the freshly growing Hyderabad their centres. Becoming one of the top nations in the global fight for technology and the outsourcing of engineers and developers.

India is the world’s largest source of IT outsourcing.

The top country among all the countries with a global digital presence when it comes to offering round-the-clock outsourcing services, cutting-edge technology, and specialised IT and software solutions. Banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. are all served by Indian outsourcing.

India transitioned from being a nation that provided outsourcing services to one that now creates cutting-edge software solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. Our skills and abilities are well regarded throughout the world. In addition to being well-known throughout Asia, some of the important nations and regions utilising our outsourcing solutions include the UK, USA, and Europe.

India is ranked first among the top 10 nations for outsourcing software development.

In today’s technology-driven world, new and innovative software is being deployed every now and then. This pushes all organizations to stay on top of the game and scale their business. Outsourcing is a well-known concept and companies are utilizing it throughout the world. The budget-friendly approach helps businesses to focus on their core competencies while offshoring the other services to low-cost countries. But the moment entrepreneurs make the decision to outsource, the first question that strikes their mind is; which country is the best to hire developers with technical expertise at affordable prices?

Well, the quick answer is India.
Out of all the countries around the globe, Indian is one of the best destinations for outsourcing software development requirements.

Why India is Considered as one of the Best IT Outsourcing Destination?

The abundance of the talent pool
Low cost of living and hourly rates
Communication skills of Indian professionals
Cultural compatibility
Support from the Government
Quality standards, reliability & and the list goes on.
In fact, ‘Hire Indian developers’ is one of the most popular terms searched on the Internet today, in context to outsourcing or offshore software development. But the real question is what makes Indian programmers best in the world. So, without further ado, let’s discuss it.

Why Indian Programmers are Good to Hire for Programming?

As mentioned earlier, the abundance of talent, less cost, easy availability, client satisfaction, and impressive economic growth are some of the reasons behind India becoming the world’s foremost offshoring hub. Over the years, the country has become the first choice for many countries when it comes to hire offshore developers.

Here’s the list of intellects that urges businesses around the globe to work with Indian programmers:

1. Best Quality Providers in the World

Indian developers are cost-effective, and offer best quality work. India is at the top position for providing custom software development solutions. With the highest number of the companies who are ISO certified, India has always focused on quality services and on-time delivery. The common process followed by Indian Software Developers that they use to ensure quality work is:

Having requirement analysis
Design and wireframing
Coding and Development
Prototyping and testing
Quality Assurance
Lastly, the process goes through the bug fixing and testing before the project is given to the client.

2. There’s no Language Barrier

Since India is the second largest English speaking country in the world after USA there is no language barrier for Indian Outsourcing developers. The best programmers and developers are required in this line and as there are no geographical or cultural challenges, there’s high adoption rate as per the client’s needs.

3. Around the Clock Services

Indian developers are known for providing services around the clock. This pattern helps boosting productivity and also ensures that there is quality and on-time deliverables. Comparing Indian time zones with USA and European countries who face difficulty in tackling time difference due to there being only few hours difference, Indian programmers are easy to communicate and work. Also, if you have an in-house team and you hire a software development company, you can be available around the clock. Lets assume, you have an in-house software development team to complete your work. But, if you are outsourcing your work to quickly delivery your project, quality and timely delivery of the work is assured.

4. Indian Developers Work Globally

Most of the Indian tech companies follow western business model and western culture. They are eager to resolve development issues, bring innovations and get involved in the success of the firm. Developers don’t need to follow a strict hierarchy and have certain sense of the freedom. Information access has brought a global mindset to the coming startup companies and entrepreneurs.

5. Cost-effective

For sure, outsourcing is a cost-effective strategy. Not only it helps you save a lot of money in terms of infrastructure, overhead salary, hardware and software requirements, but also bonuses, other employee benefits, etc. And if you choose to set up an offshore development center in India, you can actually save up to 60% or 70% on the software development cost, without compromising on the quality.

6. Best Attitude over Work

As India is producing more than 1.5 million engineers and it can be tough to make them stand over the competition. When companies decide to go with the offshore custom software development companies, then it is the best choice to hire individuals who have great attitude. The software developers in India have strong technical knowledge and have best attitude of their work. The developers in India don’t just have hard-working but also smart to handle complex projects.

7. Indian Programmers Has Technical Knowledge

Indian developers are not only educated but also possess high technical knowledge. The technical acumen helps them to build amazing websites, Andoird, and iOS app for transforming the business digitally. Being technically strong, the developers across India readily take on new challenges.

8. Indian Developers Offers Client Satisfaction

Indian developers offer the best services to their clients. As the offshore companies in India are aimed at satisfying the global clientele regardless of the type of their business and project size. India developers provide client-centric solutions while keeping the quality standards high with the help of various tools. For the corporate, it is actually a golden opportunity as they can anytime cash on the scenario by getting the value for money. For the reference, more than 75% of the world’s CMM Level 5 certified companies are based in India.

Wrapping up
Not to mention, western countries are having a tough time scoping up with developers. As a matter of fact, this mismatch between the supply and demand has lead to hiring Indian developers which are adept, affordable, and abundant. The Indian software developers and offshore offices are flourishing across the country.

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