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6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Acne Without Damaging Your Skin

by mirandaspears

Acne can be an irritating problem for many people, but it’s not as hard to get rid of as many think. The best way to get rid of acne is to avoid the things that cause it in the first place. While there are prescription drugs that can help with acne, most of them are very risky and can damage your skin. However, getting rid of acne without damaging your skin is possible. Here are six simple and natural ways to cleanse your skin without causing damage or further irritation.


1. Use the Right Soap

The wrong soap can cause acne, so you must use the right soap. Using a bar of regular store-bought or antibacterial soap can cause more breakouts. That is because they tend to dry out your skin, which causes more oil production to compensate for the lack of moisture. It also kills good bacteria, which fight against toxins and form natural oils that keep your skin healthy.


Instead, try using one without these chemicals or antibacterial ingredients and ensure it’s unscented, as scents are known to irritate the skin. Most people rinse their face with water in the sink, but this won’t thoroughly clean your pores as a face washer will. This is why it’s important to be sure that you’re cleaning out your pores thoroughly and avoiding bacteria from getting trapped deep under your skin. After washing your face, it’s best to use acne spot dots to help get rid of your acne without damaging your skin by picking or popping pimples. 


2. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is one of the most popular ingredients in over-the-counter acne remedies. It cleans out pores and removes dead skin cells. However, it can cause damage to your skin if you use it improperly. Use salicylic acid to ensure your skin is clean and dry first. Make sure that you apply a thin layer over any blemishes or problem areas and leave it on for no longer than 10 minutes. Wash your face thoroughly afterward and moisturize as usual.


3. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a popular acne remedy that can help you get rid of acne easily without skin damage. It works by oxidizing the natural oils associated with acne and drying out the skin, making it less likely to produce oil on its own. Benzoyl peroxide is available over the counter and works best when used consistently for a few weeks.


4. Honey

Honey is another common ingredient in acne remedies that you probably wouldn’t think of, considering it’s a sticky, gooey substance. However, honey is one of the natural ways to cleanse your skin without damaging it, especially if adapted with other ingredients.


Honey contains antibacterial properties and is great at cleansing the skin without drying it out, as some chemicals can. You can also use pure honey as a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.


5. Oil Cleansing Method

Instead of washing your face with soap and water, try using oil to clean your face instead. Olive oil is the best for this purpose because it is naturally antibacterial, working against acne-causing bacteria.


Use several drops of olive or oregano oil and massage it over your skin for about a minute to eliminate impurities. Then rinse off with lukewarm water and keep moisturized afterward. However, ensure you are not using raw oils with high heat, as this can damage your skin.


6. Tea Tree Oil Therapy

Tea tree oil is another popular natural ingredient with anti-microbial properties that help fight off acne-causing bacteria. It works especially well if you take a hot towel and rest it on your face for several minutes first. This opens up your pores and allows the tea tree oil to be absorbed more easily into your skin.


You can then rub a few drops of tea tree oil over all affected areas of your face until it has dried completely. That way, you can let the tea tree oil do its work without causing any irritation on your skin. Then you should wash your face as usual and apply a good moisturizer for smoother, softer skin.



These are just a few ways to ensure your acne does not get worse. It is also important to ensure that you visit your dermatologist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups. A professional can give you a more thorough cleanse and ensure your acne doesn’t get worse.

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