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5 Best Sports Animes With Heart-Robbing Action and Emotions

by Rohitpalgreat

The world of anime has developed a lot but everyone loves the sport which is why what better method to tell the sport than with a story about sports. Today, we’re making our list of the top sports anime that all otaku should watch.

As a sub-niche Sports has some of the most intriguing stories to relate.

Each character has different motivations and reasons for their actions, you can encourage or deter anyone from these shows.

It could be the friendship aspect and overcoming stage fear or retaining your cool in the midst of a storm. Each and every sports show on this list will help you develop these skills.

Here are 15 of the best sports anime that fill your adrenaline with thrilling emotion and action.

#5 All Out

Sport: Rugby

Total Episodes Total Episodes: 25

The Synopsis Kenji Gion is a young, determined, and short-sighted student in the first year of Kanagawara Prefectural High School. When he plays in the team of Rugby, he encounters a variety of enthusiastic people from different backgrounds who are all trying their best to be successful in the game.

The first person he met at the high school was Sumiaki Iwashimizu. He’s a tall, tall boy who’s not able to play his preferred sport because of his history. Kenji is then introduced to the vice-captain of the team, Hachioji, and captain, Sekizan.

Are people who are totally detached from any motives be successful in a game of Rugby?

What You Should Take a Look: Every player on the team has something important to share. If you watched the sports-related anime I’m sure you won’t be aware that there are some secondary characters.

The well-written story and the emotional bond it builds make this show deserving of inclusion on this list.

#4 Run With The Wind

Sports Relay Marathon

Total Episodes Total Episodes: 23

Synopsis: It all starts with the dream. When Kakeru Kurahara was thrown out of a convenience store due to shoplifting, his friend from school Haiji Kiyose assists Kakeru. Haiji then suggests Kakeru his place in his old house, but things start to get exciting from this point on.

There are 10 residents in the residence, including Kakeru and Haiji that makes it the dormitory for Kanesi University Track Club. Following Kakeru’s welcome celebration, Haiji reveals that they all have to take part in Japan’s most famous running relay race, Hakone Ekiden.

Other than Haiji and Kakeru The other 8 players aren’t familiar with the sport and aren’t eager to play.

With so many things going on in their daily lives Do they have the ability to Hainji convince to take part at Hakone Ekiden and be the winner of the relay?

The reason you should watch the most-watched sporting activity is running. But don’t let me fool you. even something as boring and simple as a race can be thrilling with the right mix of emotions.

Run With The Wind is an excellent character-driven tale that favors the underdogs, and this is something that everybody agrees on. The camera angles to the struggle in training make this sports show an underrated show that many people fail to enjoy.

#3 Yuri!!! On Ice

The sport: Figure Skating

Total Episodes 12 episodes

Synopsis of the story: The moment Yuri Katsuki carried his dreams for Japan over his head, he suffered an unbearable loss in the Grand Prix Finale. When he returned back home Yuri was secluded in his house, wanting to take a break.

One day, his video became viral and his former champion shows up in front of his house offering to become a mentor. In the meantime, another superstar came from Russia by the name of Yuri Pilsetsky and was looking to win the title for himself.

With Yuri Katsuki’s talent being somewhat rusty and fierce competition such as Yuri Pilsetsky in the play Will Yuri take home in the Grand Prix Finale with the tutelage by his mentor?

The Reasons to Watch This is a short, refreshing innovative approach to sporting anime that depicts gay relationships. This anime will show how to handle failings despite trying to do it all the time, which I’m sure that many of us can relate to.

The third act in particular of the show keeps everyone on their toes, cheering for Yuri.

#2 Yowamushi Pedal

Sport Cycling

Total Episodes 38 episodes total

Summary: You could read in the name, this show is about Cycling.

Sakamichi Onoda is an energetic student who enjoys biking. Onoda’s goal is to meet new people. Therefore, he was able to join the renowned anime club at his school.

Unfortunately, the school’s anime group was disbanded and along with the hopes of meeting new people vanished in the air. Uncertain of what to do, Onoda takes a journey to Akihabara using his bicycle.

That’s when Shunsuke Imaizumi spots Onoda. After seeing his amazing ability to ascend a mountain on a bicycle that weighs a lot, Imaizumi challenges him to run a race. If Onoda wins, the former will join his anime club.

This can lead to new friendships and exciting adventures of bicycling in high school.

What You Should Take a look: This series is about overcoming your problems with motivational buddies. The charming characters and fierce battles between them are fun to watch.

Yowamushi Pedal isn’t your usual sports show, but it’s worth the time because of its heartwarming storyline.

#1 Fighting Spirit (Hajime No Ippo)

Sports: Kick Boxing

Total Episodes 75

Description: Our main character Makunouchi Ippo, has suffered from bullying throughout his life. He has always been determined to change his life but has no motivation to take action.

Like every day, one day, he was suffering the brunt of a beating, until boxer Takamura Mamoru, comes to help.

Takamura took wounded Ippo for a visit to the Kamogawa boxing club. After healing from his injuries, Ippo demanded Takamura Mamoru to help him train.

Feeling that the child doesn’t have the qualities is needed to become a professional boxer Takamura set himself a difficult job with the deadline of one week.

Amazingly, Ippo completed the task within the timeframe and has now entered the arena of boxing. Does a person who has confidence issues who cannot even resist bullies, become a world-class boxer?

What you should watch This show will give you the drive to improve your self-esteem. It is a great way to watch Ippo go from being a shy child to a fearless fighter, this underdog sports anime is a must-watch within the boxing fans.

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