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5 Bad Reasons NOT to Study Abroad

by stevedavis
5 Bad Reasons NOT to Study Abroad

Many students have their dream of studying abroad, but it is not that easy to study in different countries. It is not easy to leave your parents, homes, or relative. If you want to go abroad for your studies, you have to take experience from your senior students. They have faced many challenges in their life, like they have to manage all things by themselves, have to do part-time jobs to support their studies, do not have anyone who takes care of them, or many more. Students have to face language problems. Most of the countries do not treat them in a proper way. Still, you want to go abroad; you have to be strong and prepare yourself for any difficult situation.

Because where you do not have your elder brother who guides you, you do not have your mother who takes care of you or your sister who helps you in your work. All these beautiful memories you have to leave at your behind and begin your journey alone. If you have the guts to live alone, then you will try to go abroad. Otherwise, there is not any chance to settle down abroad. Their education system is almost different from your country. After some time, you are wondering, take my course, for this you have to pay to online websites, but if you do not have money for this, what would you do, you feel stressed or alone. Take a deep breath, then take a decision to study abroad. It is not like a trip of five to six days with your friends. It is about to live you alone for many years.

Students Can Not Afford The Tuition Fees:

Most of the students think that they borrow some money from their relatives and return them after going abroad. This is totally a bad idea because you do not get a job quickly in a foreign country. In abroad you have to support yourself or return your borrowed money. In other cases, most of the students who think that they get financial aid do not think as they have easily gotten it. If you are financially strong and manage your study expense abroad, then you have to apply for this. Otherwise, you waste your time and money also.

Miss Your Family And Friends:

This is one of the bad things when you decide to go abroad to study. Because it is not about two to three weeks. It is for many years you have to live without your family or friends. You miss everything like your family dinner time, making fun with them, your friends’ gatherings, or celebrating special events with them. These memories make you weak to decide to go to another country. There are few students who choose to leave all these beautiful memories and relations behind and start living alone.

Students Face A Language Problem:

Most of the students face language barrier problems in different countries. If you are pretty good at English, this will help you a lot. But if the university requirement for different languages like German, French, Italian. The best way to learn another language you have to immerse yourself in it. First, you have to start learning some important sentences which you have to use in your daily routine like order, ask for permission, ask for help, or many more in another language. In this way, you have to make yourself settle down in different countries.

Not Easy To Apply:

When you apply for a students visa, you have to collect a lot of documents that you have to submit to make your case strong in front of the embassy. It is better to make parts of your tasks and complete them one by one. First, you have to collect all your educational documents; then, you have to do some IELTS or English language courses. At last, you have to attend the interview in the embassy in which you have to perform your best. Otherwise, your case will be rejected. All your struggle is based on this interview.

How To Select A Program:

Most of the students face difficulty selecting a program because they do not know which courses have the most worth in foreign countries. They only get help from the internet. Many students do not pursue their desired field. They have to select what universities offer them. If you have all these fears related to abroad, you can get international education from your own country. You have to take online classes by sitting at your home or with your family. If you are a student and wonder, do my class for me during your abroad study you avail this opportunity with the help of websites available on the internet. In this way, you get your degree from your home or hire someone who takes your online classes on your behalf.

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