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10 Essential Trick to Learn Math for Class 11 CBSE Board

by Falak Arya
CBSE class 11 math

Essential tips for getting a good score in the Grade 11 Maths test given to students will discuss here. Experiments run by schools serve as a stepping stone to our professional activities. Getting full marks in the Maths test is easy for those who have carefully practiced all the 11th Grade Mathematics chapters. 

The 11th grade exams are about to start in a few days, and students are confused about how they will prepare for the exams and get good marks. We have some great tips for getting good marks in the Grade 11 Maths tests that can help you improve your performance and outcome. With the help of these tips, students will be able to prepare well and get good grades.

Here are Certain Tips to Learn Maths for CBSE Class 11

1. Make a plan

The learner should first make a checklist in a lesson and divide the topics into chapters. Now you start to focus on the issues you refuse; practice as many test questions as possible. Once you are done with these ideas, then start focusing on the chapters that are weak in you. First, start writing notes on these topics, and then practice the questions from last year’s papers. Continue to review the chapters in the checklist to know your daily or weekly progress.

2. Clear your basics

The most common reason people suffer so much in Maths is that their foundations are not developed. Remember, never try to memorize the processes involved in solving a mathematical problem. It will prove to be less productive. It is best to understand the process and the mind behind it. To get a better understanding of the topic, clarify the main ideas. It will help you throughout your life. Ncert solutions will help you do that.

3. Make Notes

General Lessons and completing your CBSE Class 11 Maths Syllabus consider winning half of the game. Complete your projects, assignments, and practicals in the allotted day and get them out of your way. Start with simple chapters and gradually work on topics that you find challenging. With advanced foundations, you will find that even the most complex issues will melt into simple concepts.

4. Self Study 

is the most effective way to learn Maths. Engaging in self-study will help you understand ideas better and become familiar with complex topics. Whenever you get stuck in solving a question, be sure to spend time trying to understand the process of solving that question. Once you have understood the first problem, it will be easier to move on to the remaining question.

5. Make a timetable and understand the weightage of each concept 

Create a study schedule that suits your mathematical preparation needs and one that you can follow without excuses. If you find the chapter difficult, give it extra time, and if the topic is simple, do not spend too much time on that chapter. In the CBSE Mathematical Board Exam, marks are given for each step you write in the answer you can with the help of the Ncert solutions. You will know the steps you need to take in your response.

6. Try solving sample papers

Students can gain valuable practice for final exams using sample papers. Also, try to resolve question papers from years ago. It will help them understand the questions and how to make points. You can also look at Ncert solutions for 11 maths and try your hand at your entry points.

7. Keep practicing

It is probably the best key to unlocking success in all fields. The same resources here too. It is not possible to read maths correctly by just reading and listening. You have to roll up your sleeves and solve specific problems to learn math. Practicing it will help you keep ideas and basics strong in your mind. Each issue has its characteristics, and it is vital that you solve them in many ways before dealing with the test.

8. Go through the paper thoroughly

Before solving the Maths test, the student should flip through the questionnaire and decide which problems they can quickly answer. Solve issues that you know the answer to and then move on to the next question. Also, look for big queries and make sure you answer all of them. 

9. Be familiar with tables and tricks for solving questions

Being good at tables means you read at least 20 tables. So, if you don’t have tables in your mind, start now. Remember, learning never ends. It will help make different questions easier, including multiplication, division, square, square root, LCM, HCF, and much more.

There are some ways you can simplify math. There are many ways to solve questions quickly. You will be able to combine such techniques with practice.

10. Get complete sleep

Many students stay up late before the exam to study. It is important to remember that sleep transforms a temporary memory (you have just read) into long-term memory. Therefore, you should sleep 7-8 hours every night to ensure that all the information you receive throughout the day is there in your mind.



Before the test, close your NCERT 11 book half an hour before it starts and feel calm, relaxed, and full of confidence. Last but not least, having a good time. There is still time to improve your performance and get high marks. The night before the test is crucial to the success of your trial, and it is primarily determined by it. Overcrowding in the last few minutes may have sent your thoughts to a tizzy. You have to fill in a review for each topic you are unclear about it.


Question 1: How can I top in Class 11 Maths?

Answer: You should first make a plan, then take one task at a time. Afterward, you’ve to focus on the tricks and tips to solve the questions quickly in less time. Try solving Ncert solutions for class 11 with that you quickly solve the questions with logical reasoning as well.

Question 2: What is the most challenging chapter in Class 11 Maths?

Answer: If you compare every section and unit, you’ll find calculus tricky. If you can complete that chapter without any problem, you can easily ace the subject. So keep in mind to focus primarily on Calculus to get a good score.

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