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10 Best Exterior Car Accessories To Buy In 2022

by Drive Stylish
10 Best Exterior Car Accessories To Buy In 2022

As your car ages, some wear and tear will accumulate which is hard to avoid. From cracks in the dashboard to chips in the paint, many aspects of your car can use some TLC, which can be expensive if you hire someone else to do it! Luckily, many exterior car accessories can fix or improve these problems, so you don’t have to buy an entirely new car! While there are many types of external car accessories on the market, here are ten of the best ones.

1) Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers protect your car seats from dirt, rain, and other elements. They also offer some protection in case of an accident. If you’ve just recently purchased a new car, or if you’re trying to keep up with maintenance on your current one, these Car seat covers will help you look after your vehicle while keeping it stylish. It has never been easier to install and maintain than they are today.

2) Car Roof Carriers

Getting groceries or luggage into your car is much easier with a roof carrier. If you can attach it to your roof rack, these sturdy pieces of equipment will make shopping a breeze. They’re beneficial if you have small children and don’t want them climbing in and out of trunks all day. Roof carriers are one of our most popular accessories because they come in different sizes and allow you to get more use out of them than other accessories. A smaller trunk carrier can be used for everyday grocery trips, while bigger trunk carriers can be used for road trips or any time when you’ll need more room to transport stuff than usual. Some people even use them as extra storage space inside their cars!

3) Good Looking Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are one of those things that, when people see you driving with them, they get pretty excited. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old beat-up pickup truck with a rusty hood, no doors, or a brand new BMW M5; alloy wheels look great on both cars. No matter what type of car you drive or how much money you spend on your wheels, everyone can agree that alloy wheels will always be one of those Exterior car accessories that look good on just about any vehicle.

4) Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are made from durable rubber, plastic, or aluminium and help protect your car from dirt and debris. They also reduce airflow around your vehicle, which reduces wind resistance and, in turn, boosts fuel efficiency. For example, a pair of mud flaps on each wheel can improve fuel economy by 1%. Mud flaps typically cost between $10-$30 per set and are one of many exterior car accessories that are easy to install and not too costly.

5) Sill Plates

A sill plate is a metal or plastic strip at the car floor level that supports and protects a vehicle’s body. Sill plates are commonly used on sports cars, but not exclusively; you can also find them on minivans and sedans. Sill plates have a couple of different purposes. First, they offer an extra layer of protection for a vehicle’s sheet metal by protecting it from rust when road salt, snow, or dirt becomes trapped under doors (because there’s no way for it to evaporate). Second, sill plates give vehicles more structural rigidity by reinforcing these low-profile areas of a car’s chassis.

6) Car-Led Taillights

LED taillights are far brighter than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs and allow you to see much further behind you at night. LED taillights also have a distinctive look that many drivers consider more aesthetically pleasing. If safety is important to you, upgrading your car with high-quality LED taillights makes sense. They’ll increase visibility and allow you to drive safer and more confident at night!

7) Logo Stickers & Gaskets

A logo sticker is a small sticker that fits perfectly on your car window and can protect it and make it look stylish. Car body covers provide an easy way to protect your car in all seasons, and they come in various styles to match your car’s exterior theme. They also help keep your car’s original paint job intact even when you park outdoors. You can customize and select from a wide range of colours and sizes. For those looking for safety-oriented features, we recommend seat belts, emergency kits, battery chargers, flashlights, etc.

8) Leather Seat Covers/Steering Covers

Leather seat covers can be made to match your car’s original design. They protect your leather seats from dirt and wear and add value to your vehicle. Leather steering covers are another way to get a customized look while protecting your steering wheel from sun damage and giving you a grip on hot days. Steering wheel covers are also great for city driving, where bumps and potholes can cause extra wear on the wheel.

9) Rain Covers/Boot Trays

Car body covers are pretty self-explanatory. You stick them on and use them to cover your car when parked outside to protect its paint from dust, scratches, rain, bird droppings, and other gross things. Boot trays (sometimes called trunk mats) are a bit different. They don’t cover your entire car but prevent dirt from piling up at one end of your trunk or hatchback. You should buy a boot tray if you have kids who like to toss in their shoes before getting out of the car or if you tend to transport anything wet or dirty that could leak onto your carpeting. (This isn’t just a worry for kids!

10) Car Side Foot Steps

Car side footsteps are essential for many reasons. They provide a way for you to get in and out of your car without stepping into a puddle of water or mud. They also provide traction in slippery conditions, which can help prevent you from slipping and falling. There are many types of car side footsteps available on the online market, so choosing the right one is essential. Some factors to consider include the material, the size, and the weight capacity. If you’re looking for a car side footstep that will provide you with the best traction, the best choice is a metal step. These steps are typically made from aluminium or steel and are designed to provide maximum traction in all conditions.


All the products are stylish, durable, and easy to install. They will improve the look of any car, and they are reasonably priced. Drive Stylish offers a wide variety of car accessories. It is the best place to buy exterior car accessories.

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